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One of my favorite movies of all time is The Matrix (1999).  It’s a cult classic, multi-layered in meaning, wrapped in a Sci-Fy package with Keanu Reeves as the ornamentation.  This is one of my favorite clips. . . we are all looking for the answer to this question, aren’t we?


Keeping in mind that it is my belief and experience that there is always more than one way to get something done, below is Dr. Raz and UCLA’s official policy, as given to me directly by Ms. Jean Davis, office manager for Dr. Raz.  A quote by Ms. Davis that deserves repeating, “Mesh is mesh.  I don’t care what you name it.”  Having seen so many injured patients, she firmly advocates against using the mesh, and I feel says this as a warning while she has me on the phone.  Avoid mesh in all its forms, disguises, new names or new manufacturers.  Thank you Jean.  You have done us all a great service by validating this fact, from your position.

Please also keep in mind, that while the below is meant to help you or give you an overall idea of your journey with Dr. Raz, no one at Dr. Raz’s office, can or will give medical advice over the phone if you are not an existing patient and/or have not had your first patient consult.

As a GENERAL protocol for being wait-listed:

There is a waiting/cancellation list that you may add your name to, only if you are already scheduled with Dr. Raz for consult or surgery and would like the possibility of being moved up when cancellations occur.  A separate office and department at UCLA handles the waiting and cancellation list.  The number to be wait-listed is below.


***It’s called the NEW PATIENT REFERRAL LINE***



Here is the GENERAL protocol for mesh-injured trips to see Dr. Raz at UCLA, including your consultation, testing and surgery appointments:

  • CONSULTATION APPOINTMENT – This is your very first appointment and will last about an hour.  Dr. Raz will examine you, review your surgical/medical history, and in the days following he will put together your treatment plan and surgical options.  During your visit, it is VERY IMPORTANT/IMPERATIVE that you bring written copies of the following:
    • Written copies of your medical records, especially your operative reports.  I suggest carrying your medical records with you in paper and digital form (on a thumb drive) with you wherever you go.  Your consult will likely be one trip to UCLA in and of itself.
    • Order your surgical notes and medical records from the hospital where you have had your surgeries rather than from your physician.  Those notes will be more comprehensive, and you’ll receive them more quickly.
  • TESTING/SURGICAL APPOINTMENTS – This is your second appointment, typically scheduled during a second trip to UCLA.  Important information to know:
    • Your testing will likely take two days.  If there is an extenuating complication, testing could take longer, but most often testing is over a period of two days.
      • Testing could include everything from a standard blood draw to check your body’s chemistry (CBC, Urinalysis, etc.) to imaging tests, such as an MRI or CT scan and the translabial ultrasound.
      • Urodynamic testing will also most often be included.
    • IF your particular insurance allows, which you will know by the time your testing is complete, your surgery can often be scheduled within the same trip to California and will not require a third trip.
    • IF your particular insurance DOES NOT allow, you will need to return to California for a third trip, your surgery to be scheduled after testing is complete.

If you have any questions beyond what is posted here, please contact Ms. Jean Davis, Office Manager, directly.  Here is Dr. Raz’s info.  Please contact his office for more information about his and UCLA’s policies.

Dr. Shlomo Raz/UCLA

Dr. Shlomo Raz/UCLA

 Contact Dr. Raz’s Office

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