Thursdays and Fridays are my favorite days at “The Mesh Warrior” because it’s when we get to be excited about the little things in life —  like the weekly FRIDAY GIVEAWAY here at the blog!  I try to find products that will comfort, if even in some small way, and I make sure the products are tested and approved by Mesh Angels, so you can always know they are “M.I.A.” – Mesh Injured Approved!

 If you have suggestions, please send them to me at

As you probably well know, many Mesh Angels experience changes in their hair during this battle with mesh.  Some find their hair becomes wiry or thin; some find that it’s hard to get volume after days of lying in bed.  Some find that medications or the mesh itself (who knows exactly?) affect the texture of their hair or their hair falls out, leaving bald spots.  For the many reasons our Angels wish for even more beautiful hair, I have an awesome giveaway for you this week!

A million “Thank Yous” to OSGOOD O’NEIL SALON in Dallas, Texas for donating these amazing, high quality products!  If you live in the Dallas area, I highly recommend the salon as I and my mesh-injured Mom have been customers there for more than 16 years now!  A special shout out to the Knox location manager, Rose Elid, our stylist Shara Marquez and our colorist Erin Hamill for their generosity and support during Mom’s illness.

This week’s giveaway, courtesy of Osgood O’neil Salon is:


(retail price of more than $80!)

Your kit includes:

1) Rahua Amazon Beauty® Voluminous Shampoo

2) Rahua Amazon Beauty® Voluminous Conditioner

3) Kohlz® Secret Root Lift for volume and texture

Rahua Voluminous Shampoo AND Conditioner!

Rahua Voluminous Shampoo AND Conditioner

Kohlz® Secret Root Lift

The whole Volumizing Hair Care Kit! Lady Luck be with you, and this could be YOURS tomorrow!


A quick reminder of the simple rules to enter:

  • COMMENT on this page or the HOME/BLOG page – express yourself!  Whatever you would like to share about the products or anything else.


  • SIGN-UP/FOLLOW “The Mesh Warrior” Blog to receive emails when I update the blog (You will usually receive 2-3 updates per week by email).

THAT’S IT!  Then, the very small but capable Mesh Warrior Team will put all names in a hat and draw one of you at random!  A very scientific process that works!  Just ask last week’s winner —DONNA HART♥!!

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  1. Today When I finally admitted to realizing one of the worse mesh problems is now upon me I found this site. In a day of gloom you’ve made my day! Hugs!!!!


    • Welcome to the Blog Tricia! I am fighting for you and will continue! Make sure you check out the community page and try to get connected on Facebook with others who are injured. God Bless! ~Your Mesh Warrior


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