FRIDAY GIVEAWAY and the Science of Happiness!

To enter, simply comment anywhere on the blog or follow the “The Mesh Warrior” blog before 5pm CST today.  To follow, enter your email address: where it says “Follow the mesh warrior via email” in the right-hand column.  You will receive approximately 2-3 emails per week notifying you that I’ve made a new post.

Here’s whats up for Grabs this week!

Behind Door #1 is the lovely... Volumizing Hair Care Kit!

Behind Door #1 is the lovely… Volumizing Hair Care Kit!


I wish all of you could win, but alas, only one lucky Angel or Warrior will.  But… there’s always next week!  For those of you who don’t win, I found this awesome video about The Science of Happiness.  It’s worth the watch!  Good luck & God bless you all!   I’ll post the winner after 5p today!


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    I found this curious illness is related to Antimony

    I quit driving for symptoms eerily similar to Adams-Stokes. I have bilateral lesions of the cerebellum and anomalies of my heart described by the Veteran’s Administration as “normal for an athlete”… I am not an athlete. LOL. I am unsure if mesh leaches Antimony, but it feels like it. So, plastic parts in a human body that don’t degrade – I can’t believe that anymore. God love you all, and so do I ❤


    • So glad you’re here Chadley! I will send you a white paper by email… no, polypropylene plastic is not inert in the human body or at certain temperatures (think water bottles). I’ll read your links too. Thanks for contributing! Good luck in the drawing!


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