Blog-o-Saurus, Blog-o-Silence & The Friday Giveaway!

Happy October!

Happy October!

Hey folks!  Happy Friday!  

Happy October!

OmNom!  Me, Blogosauras TEX love to eat your time.  Chomp, chomp, read, read . . . . .

OmNom! Me, Blogosauras TEX love to eat your time. Chomp, chomp, read, read . . . . .





Sorry it’s been a little quiet this week over here at The Mesh Warrior, but not to worry. I’ve been advocating behind the scenes on your behalf.  Last week, I was all Mrs. Blogosauras TEX and this week, it’s been more like The Blog-o-Silence.  But never fear, even without the THURSDAY TEASER, your FRIDAY GIVEAWAY!! is here!

In honor of our new month (can you believe it’s already October?!), I have a fun Halloween treat for you, which I hope helps you create celebration in your life, if even in a small way.

If you’re a dog lover/owner, you’ll definitely want to enter this week to win two Petsmart costumes from the Disney® collection AND a KONG® chew toy!

I have confessed in the About Me section that I am one of those unabashed “dog people,” completely unremorseful about dressing my dogs for special occasions. And yes, I have taken them trick-or-treating almost every year.  My niece and nephew love it; the people who answer their doors love it; and lots of people now keep dog treats for four-legged ghouls & goblins.

Remember- the Friday Giveaway is about the little things in life that you may still be able to enjoy, even while injured.  If you’re unable to take your kids or grandkids trick-or-treating this year, think about inviting them to your neighborhood for trick-or-treating.  Then dress up your furry friend(s); invite family and a close friend over; answer the door, and with the help of your four-legged assistants, things could turn into quite the party and maybe even a new tradition.


This week’s Halloween fashion giveaway will be modeled by my completely

un-runway-ready “Porkie,”

Miss Brooklyn New Yorkie, wearing “Tigger” by Disney®

Brooklyn New Yorkie models "Tigger" by Disney!

Brooklyn New Yorkie models “Tigger” by Disney!


Miss Gabby Bear, wearing “Winnie the Pooh,” by Disney®

Miss Gabby Bear in "Pooh" by Disney.

Miss Gabby Bear in “Pooh” by Disney.

All you have to do is comment on this post or enter your email address on the side bar to “become a follower of the blog” TODAY and you are entered to win!  The winner will be announced on the blog and notified by email!  GOOD LUCK!

LOVE, The Mesh Warrior

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    • Maybe the Tigger costume will fit your daughter’s puppy! It was quite obviously too snug on our gracious model “Brooklyn New Yorkie,” The Porkie!


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