Hi Angels & Warriors!

So sorry that there will be no Friday Giftaway today.  I am having (a Blogger’s nightmare) a technology meltdown and I’m out in the country!  Maybe it will be the Saturday Giftaway.  I sure hope so, because the gift this week is SO COOL and so unique… Can’t wait to share it with you.

Much love,

The Mesh Warrior

Native-American Kachina Warrior

Native-American Kachina Warrior

7 responses

    • oh, friend. thank you for your kind words! i am in the country to relax and recoup for UCLA. 🙂 i’ll share pics sometime this week. xoxoxo


    • Thank you my friend! Well on my way… 😉 I carry you all around with me in my heart, so as always, I’ll be thinking of you and taking pictures to share when I see something I think would get a laugh out of y’all!


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