Hi Angels & Warriors;

I must admit I’m feeling very communicative today after coming out of my shell following my trip to UCLA.  A couple things you should know first:

Barb Vance is A-to-the-AWESOME!  

A few days after Barb's Mesh Explant... she looks EVEN BETTER now!

A few days after Barb’s Mesh Explant… she looks EVEN BETTER now!

She is doing incredibly well.  Still healing, but I drove deep inside the Pine Curtain last night (Tyler, TX) to spend a few hours with her, and she is feeling and looking absolutely beautiful!  It’s been almost three weeks since I’ve seen her and slightly over one month since her explant with Dr. Raz.  I don’t think she’ll mind me sharing with you all the two most marked changes I noticed:

  1. No more BLOATING!  She looked so healthy.  No puffy tummy, no puffiness in her face.  Her skin looked beautiful.  She just looked happy and like a body on the mend in splendid fashion!  In fact, our next meeting will include SHOPPING!  Love it- what used to be a dream will become a reality- enjoying a trip to the mall with a friend!  Ladies, have hope because of Barb’s journey.  It does get better.  My eyes have seen.
  2. Her conversational style. . . previously forgotten words easily came to the forefront of her pretty lil’ head, right out of her smiling mouth and into a great conversation.  It was as if I were watching this imagery of a San Francisco morning “mesh fog” being forced out of her much more slender self with every word she uttered.  I was so sad when I had to leave!  She was still herself,  just MORE of herself and MORE of who God created her to be: a caring, hopeful, sacrificial and fun friend, aunt, mother and grandmother . . . her story, a fantastically incredible miracle to have witnessed.  How many times will we get to say that in our lives?  I WITNESSED A MIRACLE!

This is A miracle I am truly expecting to see over and over again, as God uses Dr. Raz and the other doctors who are learning alongside him to fight back this evil with some deadly weapons: hope, knowledge, skill, and oh ya . . . a scalpel!  There is only ONE thing that evil has no defense against: THE TRUTH!!  And Barb is actually, truly LIVING PROOF that it is so.  God bless you today and every day.  Look for the miracles around you.  They ARE there.  Much love to you all, and you’ll probably hear from me again today since I am feeling quite “bloggy.”

And don’t forget… tomorrow is the Friday Gift-away! 

Who and where they are, we do not know.  But one thing we do know. . . their heads are hung in pain, fear, weeping and all the other emotions you all know.

Who and where they are, we do not know. But one thing we do know. . . their heads are hung in pain, fear, weeping and all the other emotions you all know.

Please remember, the qualifications for the Gift-away are a bit different this week. You must bring at least ONE NEW ANGEL to the blog- someone who doesn’t know our community is out there- people just like we were at one point: alone, afraid, lied to, taken for granted, forgotten, lonely and surrounded by people who do not believe us.

As I explained here, since most of the groups on Facebook are closed or secret, how will we find every last one of those ONE MILLION+ women who are suffering in your same situation?

With YOUR HELP- that’s how.  If this blog feels like a rallying cry, that’s because it is.

You can do it!!  I am praying and hope, hope, hoping to greet many new ANGELS tomorrow and give some blessed and deserving ANGEL-WARRIOR a cool prize. . . .

Am I getting your attention??  If not, tell me what else I can do. You know I will do it- don’t tempt me!

Go find ’em and bring them to a new world of hope, love and possibility.

Hoping and helping for HEALING,

Your Mesh Warrior

P.S. – THE RACE IS ON!  I ALREADY FOUND MY NEW MESH ANGEL!!  Anyone out there as competitive as I can be?

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  1. Aaron~ Thank you sweet friend for you kind words. I have been so blessed with a successful surgery thanks to Dr Raz at UCLA but more importantly, thank you to our Lord Jesus! Love you my forever friend.

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  2. Aaron~ Thank you so much for such an inspiring story. It brought happy tears to my eyes. I could not have made it without you in LA with your continued love and support. You were my cheerleader in getting me through my surgery. I will never forget your unselfishness in giving up your time in going with me when I had no one else to go and be with me. That is BIG to me and I’ll always remember that! I love you so much. Blessings friend~

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