The Thursday GIFTaway Teaser!

The Thursday GIFTaway Teaser is back!  Some of you may remember this blog I posted a few weeks ago:  Am I Getting Your Attention?

My heart was heavy when I had to admit that after several weeks, no one had brought a NEW MESH ANGEL to the Blog.  I know most of you feel badly a great deal of the time, and some of you, like my mother, are in such poor shape that you cannot deal with ANYTHING but the pain, and some days even that cannot be tamed.  I understand it (to the degree that I can, as an non-injured person).  I am going to choose to believe it’s because I did not explain very well what I was hoping to accomplish with your help.  To up the ante, because I am asking more of you than just reading and commenting, I am giving away one of my best and most expensive prizes.  They are beautiful Christmas decorations from Merry Gardens in Athens, Texas (Facebook link).

large votive

If you think I’m crazy, asking too much of the injured, or have any suggestions, I WANT TO HEAR THEM.  Email me at:  themeshwarrior[at]gmail[dot]com .  I am always open to suggestions because I want the help of the dedicated and best and brightest among you, your ideas and thoughts too, so we can accomplish the goal of removing the mesh from woman AND from the market ASAP and do so TOGETHER.  So here goes one more time.  I love you all. . . ~Aaron




1)   EMAIL me privately- the NAME (can be first name only) of the NEW MESH ANGEL you found.

2)   PROVIDE your NEW MESH ANGEL with my blog address and email address so they may email me to talk privately BEFORE they decide to join the blog, if they even ever do.

3)   COMMENT on THIS POST ONLY– saying that you have emailed me a NEW ANGEL’S name.

4)   A NEW ANGEL is ANYONE who has the mesh implanted and does not know about our Facebook support communities or about mine or Jane Akre’s site.

5)   THE CONTEST WILL RUN for a full week – UNTIL NEXT THURSDAY, 12/12 AT 11:59 P.M.

6)   THE WINNER will only be selected from those who do the above, not from commenting on the blog or signing up yourself if you are not an “official” follower of the blog (unless of course you ARE new and you do email me your name, as outlined above). 🙂

I also want you all to know why I began calling the Friday contest a GIFTaway instead of a GIVEaway.  The folks who are donating these wonderful items are hard-working, small-business owners who are friends of mine, my mother’s and my family.  They are intimately familiar with the Mesh Hell and they want to help.  They are NOT advertisers.  They are kind-hearted, amazing, caring and talented people whom I want you to know and who want to give what they can to be part of the solution to this enormous problem we are all suffering from in varying degrees.  SO off the soapbox and on to the good stuff. . . .

photo 1

Aaron and Aunt Susie

This week’s GIFTaway has been graciously donated by Mrs. Merry Sue House Hurley. She is the proprietor of Merry Gardens in Athens, Texas.  (link to Facebook page).  She has an eye for beautiful décor and can create elaborate and inspiring outdoor spaces that make you want to sit around a fire and talk about the good things in life, the important things in life:  kids and grandkids; small beauties like cardinals in winter and fireflies in summer; and the joy of holidays like Christmas.  Here’s the full prize! What beautiful coffee or dining table decorations, and you’ll enjoy them for years to come.  As always, good luck!!

2 table decorations with votive candle holders and candles, 4 decorative glass balls that may be used as name card holders, ornaments or napkin rings, and a lovely Sangria scented sachet!

2 table decorations with votive candle holders and candles, 4 decorative glass balls that may be used as name card holders, ornaments or napkin rings, and a lovely Sangria scented sachet!

10 responses

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  2. Hello Aaron,

    Please don’t be discouraged if we, mesh injured women, can’t or don’t find new mesh angels. I have felt so alone and isolated with my journey. If it wasn’t for Jane Akre and you, I would be totally alone. I know there are other mesh injured women in my city but we don’t have a support group and my medical practitioners are not allowed to share information because of HEPA laws in our state. Gradually, mesh injured people will find you. Keep up the good work and THANK YOU for all that you are doing. Here’s a suggestion: You are so creative and artistic. Could you make a poster that we could print informing others about your site and the good work that you are doing? An invite to mesh injured women to join the community? If we printed it, we could ask our physical therapists and practitioners to post it in their offices. That way, the mesh angels that we don’t know, will get their own invitation.

    Love you Aaron!

    Mary Pat

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    • Hi Mary Pat-
      Make sure you read this post too: for I am learning new and better ways to love every day. And, you are indeed correct – I am artistic and creative, and thank you for the compliment. I truly appreciate it. But if you say that about me, you also have to accept the comment b/c we are on the same wavelength!!! I am working out a way to do that and much, much more… you will see soon. I can only do a little at a time, since it’s really just me and the few occasional do-gooders. Thank you for encouraging me. I can’t wait to show you what I’ve been working on, b/c given your comment above, you especially, will appreciate it. 🙂 Love you, and THANK YOU for your kind words. Kind words never fall on deaf ears, even though the unkind words can seem to choke them out some days. But I am usually only down for a spell and then I’m back up again, “Mad as HELL AND NOT GONNA TAKE THIS ANYMORE!!” 🙂


  3. I love your blog Aaron. I have tried to get a new friend of mine to agree to come to the mesh forums. She had mesh and had it removed while she was in Virginia a couple of years ago. She said she has already gone through the legal system there. I don’t know. Anyway, her name is Lynn. I will try to get you two connected. You are a bright and shining star! 🙂

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  4. I have mesh fog or either I need to go see the wizard for a new brain so please oh please done laugh (I’m dealing with more than just mesh right now) any who am I an official follower of this blog. Ok now that you all had a good laugh on me I am going to stick my head in a hole.


    • I am certainly not laughing Kim. It sounds like you are in great pain. Are you new to our community? How may I be of service to you right now? Feel free to email me personally at themeshwarrior[at]gmail[dot]com . God bless you and I hope your mesh fog blows away with a new morning light and breeze tomorrow.


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