Hello Angels & Warriors;

I have a thousand and one completely unorganized thoughts racing through my mind right now, but the one thought that keeps peeking through is THANK YOU. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  YOU are the ones who have supported and blessed me in the four months I’ve had this blog up and running.  We are a community who is making a dent in the way the world works, and for that and the privilege of being in your company, I am blessed beyond measure, and you all give me hope to press on still more.  Two quick comments and then over the break, I’m excited to write some blogs that have been pressing on my heart for quite some time now.

1) I got to visit with one of the most AMAZING Mesh Angels ever yesterday in Nashville, where she lives.  Her name is LoLo, and her game is surviving and thriving.  I also met her husband, Phill and her grandchild, Kaiden.  I cannot say enough good things about this family.  I will be doing a series on them through the early part of next year, and in Phil I hope to paint the picture well of who he is, for he is THE REAL DEAL:  tender, kind, wise and a true MESH WARRIOR for his wife, his family and all of you.  I can’t wait to tell you more.

Aaron & Beautiful LoLo

Aaron & Beautiful LoLo

LoLo; Phil, The Mesh Warrior & 4-yr. old Caden

LoLo, Phill, The Mesh Warrior & 4-yr. old Kaiden

2) We’ve made some great headway on my little cobbled together fundraiser.  Here is the site to donate:

Click, read, donate via Paypal or credit/debit.  It's that easy!

CLICK HERE, read, donate via Paypal or credit/debit. It’s that easy!

Please consider sharing with your network or making a small donation yourself- $1 is enough.  I’d rather have 18,000 $1 donations, because it means we have a real investment from our community in our cause.  But- trust me, if anyone out there wants to contribute the remaining $17,000 – go for it!  To be clear – NONE OF THIS MONEY WILL GO TO ME OR MY FAMILY.  It will go to get as many low-income women towards their mesh removal surgeries as possible, and it will also help me understand better about what the price tag for one woman (to her chosen doctor) and a caregiver is – that way, we can campaign better with an actual range of numbers.

God Bless you all!  May your Spirit be Merry and Bright this week as you celebrate the entry of GRACE into this planet – as a concept and as a man.  MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Your Mesh Warrior

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