And the Friday GIFTaway is . . . .

. . . finally back from the holiday hiatus!  My intention is always to communicate with you all 3-5 times per week, but as you know, I too deal with the mesh’s ugly reality. For those of you who have asked about my mom, THANK YOU.  It is heartwarming and helps more than you will ever know. Unfortunately, she is not doing well, and that is part of the reason I’ve not been able to write- just too much pain to gather myself. You all understand. I know that’s why it’s always safe to share the truth with you all. I AM A WARRIOR, but even WARRIORS GET THE BLUES.

I’ll never get so far down that I won’t get back up for you all. You keep me going and give me the blessing of serving you all, and that is why I get up in the morning, so for that: THANK YOU.

So. . . today’s GIFTaway is a gorgeous candle, valued at more than $60!  It’s made by LoLLIA out of Denver, and it’s so fancy that they don’t even call it a candle.  They call it a LUMINARY, and its scent is COTTON & CLOVER.  Of course, I haven’t lit it, but it smells like Spring; like new beginnings; and like it will bring hope into empty and dark places- maybe that’s your room, your heart or your whole house; or maybe it’s even someone else’s heart in your home.

Either way, it will remind you that Winter always ends, and Spring is just around the corner.  It reminds me of when I still (often) hang clothes to dry and when the beautiful clover pops up at the end of February to remind me that the weeds are coming.

WINTER never lasts forever. Spring always comes - as sure as the sun will come up tomorrow. Blue Moon Gardens is beautiful, even in Winter.

WINTER never lasts forever. Spring always comes – as sure as the sun will come up tomorrow. Blue Moon Gardens is beautiful, even in Winter.


A landscaper will usually tell you that clover is a weed, but I beg to differ. It’s all in how you look at it. Maybe you will even find a four-leaf clover this year.Who knows? The LUMINARY comes with two pretty beads that you could use as a fan pull or inside a lamp to make a pretty shadow on the wall/ceiling or whatever else you may come up with to repurpose and make one gift into two!

Donated by Mary, proprietor of Blue Moon Gardens in Edom, TX.

Donated by Mary, proprietor of Blue Moon Gardens in Chandler, TX.

THE LUMINARY, was donated by my very good friend who is kind, honest, hard-working and loving. And of course that is just part of her strong character.

She is a friend of my mother’s also, so she understands what many of you go through. She is the consummate gardener, and she also writes for Neil Sperry’s Gardening magazine.  All-in-all, Mary is one amazing lady, and she cares about you all and provides a good shoulder to me as I support my mother’s recovery and yours too. To those of you who are gardeners, as I am, I hope this candle will serve as a reminder that YOU STILL ARE A GARDENER, just an injured one – one that will be off the bench in some form and back “on the field” so to speak soon.

Mary, Mary (not quite contrary), but HOW DOES YOUR GARDEN GROW? :)

Mary, Mary (not quite contrary), but HOW DOES YOUR GARDEN GROW? 🙂

Mary first inspired me about 4 years ago with her elegant and amazing fairy gardens. I started doing them when my mom first got sick.

Mary first inspired me about 4 years ago with her elegant and amazing fairy gardens. I started doing them when my mom first became sick from her mesh injury.

To enter, do ONE (or both if you’re feeling ambitious) of the following:

1) Comment on THIS BLOG ENTRY before next Friday.

2) Sign up to FOLLOW the blog (button on the top right).

That’s it!  Good luck!

31 responses

    • I read the comment regarding “giving up on this site i have tried several times to leave a message” I personally find this web site very…. challenging… to follow. I don’t follow simply to try win a gift-away, I truly am concerned and interested in everyone who is “challenged” by mesh injuries. That said, we are all challenged in some way, I am definitely not a “techy” type person, perhaps that’s one of the reasons I find the website challenging to follow, and ask how everyone here is doing, including you Aaron !!, I find FB so much easier to stay in touch with my like-minded friends.
      Wishing you all very warm houses and people to snuggle in until Spring decides to spring.
      hugs to everyone who wants or needs one or many. I personally don’t think one can hug or be hugged to much in this fast paced world we live in.

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      • Sharon- would you mind calling me to help me understand the difficulties you’re having. I am eager for constructive feedback & it’s likely a pretty simple fix. I also have a FB page called the same thing as this page (my blog)….


  1. Ok i give up on this site i have tried several times to leave a message. I seriously have tried everything, so i shall take it as a hint that i am not wanted.
    Thank you, keep trying to spread the word on “surgical mesh”


    • You are certainly wanted here. I’m not sure what’d going on, but I haven’t seen your user name until now . I have to “approve” comments before they show up & I’m generally away from my computer on Sunday mornings. Let me know if you get this reply. We ‘d love to welcome you to the blog.


  2. I am so terribly sorry to hear about your mom. I wish I could be as strong as you are. Right now I just don’t want to go on. I want to give up. I’m tired of everything and feel like there is no fight left. Heck I am not even on the computer much anymore. I’m not doing much of anything. I don’t want to go on.


      • No..only my husband and I hate putting everything on him as there are more things we are trying to deal with than just mesh. Sometimes I think it would be easier and less painful if I was not here.


        • I am a good listener if you would like to talk. If so, email me your phone number at & I’d love to give you a call tomorrow. I’m so sorry for your injury & the loneliness it brings. You are not alone. I will be an ear to listen or shoulder to lean on, and certain some of the other ladies would like to share with you as well. We are a community.


        • That’s OK. I understand. This monster is so unrelenting. If you’d like to call me, I’d be happy to send you my # by email… let me know. You are brave and strong. This is NOT an adversary that anyone knows how to fight perfectly, but we can all share our insights and what’s been best for us to help one another. God bless you Mesh Tears. You are welcome to reach out to me or anyone on this board.


  3. hope your mom feels better and i know its hard for you to see her in so much daughter hates it when she knows i am having a real bad day because there is nothing she can do so hang in there Aaron and i love the candle

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  4. Luminary. I think you should actually keep the candle for yourself because you are right about warriors. Warriors get the blues too and YOU could use a little light, too. Yes, I will pray for your mom right now.

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  5. Thank you Aaron, i do look forward to reading your Blog and hearing how your mom is doing. Also having this free giveaway gift makes the women eager to sign and leave a message, brings women out of their comfort zone for a brief for minutes. Then giving the thrill of possibly winning something.
    Thank you
    P.s. I love candles of any kind

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  6. I read your story, and what your mom, and family have gone through. You are a true angel for all you have done in advocating for your mom and others who have been through this. I never got my POP repaired because I had Pudendal Neuralgia hit me right after I had my ovaries removed. While I do not feel lucky most of the time, I learned that if I had done the repairs, and mesh was used…I may have ended up worse than I have been. I am going to share your story with my two daughters your age, and my husband.
    THANK YOU! and I will keep your mom in my prayers.

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  7. Aaron, just to read anything that you write inspires me and gives me hope! The post today reminds that yes there will be warmer and better times ahead for all of us if we just hang in there and change as the seasons do. I will continue to pray for your Mom. I just know she going to be okay with you beside her! Love you sweet lady!!

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  8. I personally love these candles. I believe they are one of Oprah’s favorite! I use to sell these at my boutique before I became so ill. Thanks so much Aaron for all your support and encouragement.

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