And the Friday GIFTaway is . . . .

Did you read about this week’s GIFTaway…. world illumination is its goal. No small feat, if you ask me….

The Mesh Warrior ℠

. . . finally back from the holiday hiatus!  My intention is always to communicate with you all 3-5 times per week, but as you know, I too deal with the mesh’s ugly reality. For those of you who have asked about my mom, THANK YOU.  It is heartwarming and helps more than you will ever know. Unfortunately, she is not doing well, and that is part of the reason I’ve not been able to write- just too much pain to gather myself. You all understand. I know that’s why it’s always safe to share the truth with you all. I AM A WARRIOR, but even WARRIORS GET THE BLUES.

I’ll never get so far down that I won’t get back up for you all. You keep me going and give me the blessing of serving you all, and that is why I get up in the morning, so for that:…

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4 responses

  1. Hi Aaron, I hope you’re enjoying yr weekend !!. A quick question. how is the winner of the Friday giftaway selected??. I was searching the website and just can’t seem to locate where the “contest rules and regulations” appear. I fully acknowledge that this is not a contest, just my way of including humour in my msg.
    I’m definitely ok with waiting to speak to you about it next week. Thanks AAron
    Hugs and Blessings


    • The contest rules are included at the bottom of the contest post, every Friday. I usually put them in bold, as they were for this week. The “rules” are:
      1) comment on the Friday GIFTaway blog.
      2) Sign up to follow the blog by email.
      Those are the only “rules.” You will see them in red at the bottom of Friday’s post. Then I use an excel spreadsheet to randomly select the winner.


  2. I also took care of my mom when she was ill. It was no small feat, for almost 6 years I was her caregiver. I’ve recently started to come back to life myself, she past away in 2009. She was my entire world, some won’t understand this, but when your from a different country she relied on me for everything. You see, I’m self taught. I still miss her terribly, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now. What I’m facing now is my husband, who has been diagnosed with cancer. It seems like I just went through his last surgery and now it’s something new. I just need a little time to catch my breath.

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