It’s HUMP DAY, so let’s take a poll . . . .

HUMPDAY:  Not the BEST day of the week, but not the WORST day either.  Let’s add something interesting. . . . I would like to take a quick poll.  I am compelled (I have tried to shut the thoughts off as usual, but no luck) to begin a face-to-face Support Group network.  That way, you all can be around those who understand you, your pain and what you are going through.  You will also be able to say whatever you need without fear of legal retribution or criticism.  I have led group therapy sessions for years, so I do understand the dynamics and how to run a group that is healing and not harmful.

I live in East Texas part-time, so I’d like to be the first to start a program.  I need to get a sense of how many of you are in this community AND would like to participate- it would be on a weekly basis with a broad topic for discussion related to the MESH each week, but it will focus on emotional healing and coping skills- not medical or legal advice.  All conversations will be kept private, and each session will begin with that commitment – from everyone in the room.

Now- how many are in this area (map below) and would like to drive to my home in Brownsboro, TX to meet every Tuesday for Tea (in honor of Linda K’s pioneering this “movement”)?

I am essentially located where you see the red “A” and my husband and I lovingly call it “Sugarsand Cottage.”

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 1.53.19 PM

How many could participate from 6p.m. to 7:30 every Tuesday night for a 6-8 week program?

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