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The Mesh Warrior ℠

Hi Angels & Warriors!

I am HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY today.  Why?

1) Because of our POLL results.  According to the results (which are anonymous), we have at least 10 to 12 woman who are at least interested in meeting for a face-to-face support group at my home, here in East Texas.  I am so happy I can barely stand it.  I admit it.  I love group therapy, because I have seen it work so well for the emotional issues that surface during trauma, which the MONSTER MESH surely is.  IF YOU ARE AMONG THE “YES” RESPONDENTS, PLEASE EMAIL ME ASAP SO WE CAN GET A FIRST MEETING ON THE CALENDAR!  FACEBOOK can’t replace FACE-TO-FACE!

2) Secondly, I’m super happy because it’s Friday, which means it’s time for another FRIDAY GIFTaway!

This week, I am giving away a beautiful pair of coral and sterling silver earrings, handmade by long-time…

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  1. Alguien necesariamente echar una mano seriamente hacer
    artículos lo haría . Esa es la primera tiempo que frecuentaba su página web y hasta aquí ?
    Me sorprendió sorprendido con la investigación análisis que
    hizo al crear hacer este real publicar increíble .

    Excelente tarea !


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  3. I must be invisible in real life and on the internet. Does not matter where I end up it seems every one gets an answer or response. Be it in my personal life or here on any of the support forums. No matter it ain’t worth investing time and energy into me. I love you all though. I am gonna just leave all the support forums and boards and blogs.


    • Mesh Tears – not only have you not been forgotten here, but I have been trying to think of names for your online craft store. Of course, it’s your choice to leave if you wish, but I personally would be sad to see you go. God Bless you.


  4. I have been wanting to start a blog but not sure how and I have probably coming up with a name. Need a name for an online craft store too, I have 3 names in mind and was wondering if I could try them on you and see what you guys thing. TheMeshMonster…The Monster Mesh (a play on the song The monster mash) and MeshBytes, (a play on bytes, for mesh really bites but since this is blog the computer using the bytes word) just none of them seem any good to me. Thanks


  5. Oh this is great. I would so come if I could but I don’t think my hubby would drive me all the way to your house from Georgia for each meeting but maybe on our trip out to UCLA or back after surgery (if we ever find the money and well fix our transportation) if I am close we can set up a meeting. I could join by Skype possibly or google hangout or youtube live, sure it would not be the actual same as face to face but it would be close enough. Believe me I need support in so many ways. Much love to you all.

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