My apologies and A WINNER!

Hello Angels & Warriors!

First off, I owe you all an apology and a formal, “Will you forgive me for not keeping my word to post the winner weekly on Fridays?”  I hope you accept my apologies under the knowledge that as most of you know, I too deal with the Mesh Monster, and frankly, it has had me believing I went to sleep on Wednesday, Feb. 13 and woke up on an entirely different planet, one more hostile even than this one.  So enough about me and onto YOU, which is what this site is all about.

First let’s all give a warm welcome to our newest Angels & Warriors.  Please feel free to welcome them in your own special way in the comments section!


Now then . . . . drumroll!  This (ahem 3 weeks+) FRIDAY GIFTaway winner is………………………..


Zeke & Marty - the donors of your amazing GIFTaway!

Zeke & Marty – the donors of your amazing GIFTaway!

MESH TEARS – You have won the beautiful sterling and coral earrings from my friends and artisans Zeke & Marty. Please send your preferred mailing address to me at themeshwarrior[at]gmail[dotcom].  I am looking forward to sending this beautiful wearable art to you!

Hand-crafted Sterling Silver and Natural Coral earrings by Zeke & Marty.

Hand-crafted Sterling Silver and Natural Coral earrings by Zeke & Marty.

For the rest of you, never fear, Your Mesh Warrior is near, and our Friday GIFTaway for tomorrow is VERY, VERY special!  I’ll talk to you tomorrow!


Love Your Warrior and friend,


9 responses

  1. LoLo Kay, Hi Regina,I am so glad that you can be here with us.I met you in October,I was the lady that Aaron helped me in the wheel chair to UCLA.I will ever be thankful for you sharing such a beatiful person inside and out .I knew the day I was leaving I came to tell you by you were in so much pain.You have been in my thoughts and prayers every since,and finally they were answered pain control for you.We have to fight this fight together.Your Mesh Sister LoLo Kay

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  2. Regina~Welcome! Your words are so eloquent and speak volumes of what a lot of women are going through. You are one of the strongest most bravest women I’ve ever met. Keep fighting my friend. Blessings~

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  3. Regina a warm welcome your daughter Aaron is a gift of light for us she speaks of your journey all the time While non of us choose this life we live, we are gratefull for all the new friends we have meet along the way. Aaron, Jane, Nonie they give us strenght to get through… I am glad to meet you and glad the newest device of pain management is helping… it takes a lot of different avenues to make us well again or pain free ….I will pray for you daily. Your Mesh Sista Ginger

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  4. Regina~ So glad to hear from you… it’s been a long journey you’ve been on and it sounds like you are lifting from the fog… I look forward to meeting you one day.And I really look forward to your upcoming surgery with Dr. Raz. I’m so sorry this happened to you and you don’t deserve it. You have many friends rooting for you….I’m among them….~ warm regards, jane a

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  5. Mommy, hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you!!!!! Star of this site. Everyone, please welcome my beautiful mother, Regina Reid. Many of you know how proud I am of her and that I speak of her as lost to me. She is coming back and all of you and your support of me have made this possible. THIS IS AN EPIC moment for me, and I’m so glad you all are here to witness it. Please welcome OUR NEWEST FOLLOWER OF THE BLOG, Regina Reid, my irreplaceable, irrepressible mother, and MY WARRIOR for 39 years, REGINA REID.


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