The Friday GIFTaway, and my date with Dotty. . .


Our "Selfie"

Our “Selfie” — Dotty Griffith and me, your humble warrior

My friend and fellow “foodie” came out for an overnight visit early this week. We’ve known one another for 17 years now and have kept in contact through our various job changes, moves, life events and crises.  Though our age difference exists, during our chats, we’ve always felt like kindred spirits in some regard- conversations never forced; always delighted to gab about our shared interests including food and writing. We even talked about our favorite presidents, as it was President’s Day Monday, and I found out that she is kin to George Washington. I’m convinced that nothing heals me better than good conversation, and the good Lord knows, Dotty has some fun stories to tell after her many travels and life experiences.

I’ve always looked up to my friend, Dotty Griffith, for who wouldn’t?  She was a long-time writer, editor and THE Dallas Morning News food critic for the better part of 27 years. Our paths always crossed somehow. Me, representing various food and restaurant clients and calling on her as a reporter, trying to impress her with my clients’ food, chefs or unique stories. She, the accessible, down-to-earth, genuine person that you wish all people in positions of power like hers could be, always gracious, never making me to feel a bother for doing my job (which was to bother her, actually.)  🙂

Over the years, we’ve become closer as friends rather than professional colleagues, although we continue to grow in both regards. The reasons for this welcome development are in the way that everything happening in my life right now somehow is – astonishing and feels as if events are not driven by me but rather, driven through me somehow. I pray and presume it is for the benefit of my mother and all of you whom I love dearly and speak with and of often- about what the mesh has stolen from you; stolen from us.

As Dotty and I spoke about our shared dreams and how our differences add up to make for a pretty unique, special and rare kind of friendship offering years of gabbing and gorging to come, my heart was filled with joy and gratitude for my very well-known and popular friend, who reached out to me this time.  When I asked, “Why did you reach out to me; you could have called any of the bazillions of marketing experts in the Dallas area,” she simply said, “Because you know what you’re doing and you are and have always been genuine with me and true, never trying to use me for anything.” That was the highest compliment I could ever receive from her (that, and that she loves my fledgling novel! Yikes! Yay!). I want my life to be defined by that sentiment. So as I hugged her goodbye and told her how delightful our time together had been, she looked back at me with a grin and said, “I’m excited about what the future holds for you, for me, and for us, and I’m looking forward to a nice drive home, pondering all that we discussed,” and with that I felt I had given to her in the ways that she has so often given to me.

I have a deep sense of gratitude for her willingness to share her spirit and her craft with me and with our community, so without further ado…. The Friday GIFTaway is a signed copy of Dotty’s latest published cookbook, “The Texas Holiday Cookbook.” (link to Amazon where you can read more about it or buy one if you don’t win!) 

TEXAS, TEXAS - Yeehaw!

TEXAS, TEXAS – Yeehaw!

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 4.57.20 PMDotty is quite simply the Queen of Texas Cuisine, and a really fun dinner companion too!  Thank you, Dotty for graciously donating your book to one lucky winner, as we have lots of Mesh Angels and Warriors that love to cook, and would love a new challenge like TEXAS CUISINE!

The winner is selected at random and will be announced NEXT FRIDAY! 

As usual, two simple rules to enter, and the winner is selected at random:

 1)   Comment on the Friday GIFTaway Blog (this blog post)


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Your friend and Warrior,


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  3. I am usually the ‘go to ‘person for what ever is missing in someone’s fridge, pantry or garden. Call Sharon, I have neighbours dropping in all the time. Especially one particular, i love him, my friend Karen’s husband, he cooks, bakes, and we get together to create stuff. They own a peonie farm, every mother’s day, open house at Chotkowski Gardens, Henry’s peonies are very popular. Karen and I cook and bake for days to prepare for the event, it usually hosts up to 500 people, every mother’s day..rain or shine. Thank you Aaron for all you do, and the personal touch you put on the fight for us.


  4. Wow I wish I had friends like that sadly it seems as if everyone big and small friend and foe family or not is turning their backs on me. Your a lucky lady. I love cookbooks. As Kay said you used to find me always in the kitchen though my thing was more of a finger food, desserts and decorating cakes and cupcakes and making things out of fruit. At 17 I actually catered and made the wedding cake of my aunts wedding and did the decorations too. My other aunts kept telling me to go into business with a catering business. I ended getting nominated to do my dad’s side of the family Christmas. It is always at my parents and we usually do finger foods. Stuffed mushrooms for a Christmas party…good. and I had to make all the sweet treats and cakes for birthdays and I never ever charged anyone. I made my grandma a sheet cake with a book cake on top. Made the sides of the book look like pages wrote her favorite bible verse on one side and drew and little flowery design on the other side and wrote the happy birthday on the sheet cake part. Every year from The day after Thanksgiving to usually Christmas eve if I was not painting presents I was in the kitchen. Sadly the last cake I made was in 2008. Requested by my youngest son for his birthday and inspired by the movie how to eat fried worms. I made a worm cake. July of 2008. Sadly 4 days later I was at my appointment to remove my bottom teeth as I had already had my top removed in June. This is the same year I started having seizures and mini strokes too. Now I can’t even make a cake. Can’t wash myself by myself or my hair or drive or anything and the only ones I truly have here with me is my husband and my youngest son. Anyway did not mean to go off on a ramble. Glad to have you back.


    • Hi sweet Kim;
      I love the word-cake you baked for us! Though your ingredients are no longer flour and sugar, your words gave me a beautiful picture of what you work was like. I LOVE finger foods…. in fact, I’d rather snack than eat actual meals most of the time, unless going out to eat. Though I can hold my own as a cook, I never was very good as a baker.
      I’m curious- what is your Grandmother’s favorite verse? For our wedding, I had a stack of books made by a local baker here because he is an avid reader. It was neat, and I like imagining what yours looked like. Have you had removal surgery? Is it in the cards for you? Sure would love to see you back in the kitchen, as I can hear your love for your hobby leaping off the page! And selfishly, I wouldn’t mind eating one of your beautifully decorated confections. 😉 Missed you and thank you for sharing with us.


      • Ok 2nd day and 4th time tryimg to reply. Kept getting interruppted so lets see if i make it this time.Yes I loved it. Last week my 11 yr old actually made whipping cream for the first time from heavy cream. He was amazed. He is a geek…nerd like myself and for Christmas just like I got growing up he wants lab and chemistry sets, physics sets pretty much anything from the educational isle at hobby lobby and them we spend weeks doing experiments. Although once again not so much lately. I am supposed to actually eat several small meals a day as opposed to 3 large meals due to peptic and duodenal ulcers but lately I am so nauseated I have just been eating grits. Sadly I can’t remeber what my grandma’s (funny we call her nonnie) favorite verse is. That was a long time ago she is 96 now. I wish I could call my mom to ask her buy again sadly due to situations between me and my parents that have been around for a while and between me and my older son and other problems like concerning my health I don’t really talk to them or anyone else on my mom’s side of the family. Those that are still friends with me on FB never talk to me others have deleted and blocked me from their page … pretty typical for my family but it hurts because I always believed if someone especially family members are hurt or sick you rally around them not turn your back. Yes I do have my surgery scheduled for Dr Raz. June 5th but there are things I am worried about. First still being the same. He even told me with the amount of mesh I had and the way the Dr put it in and all of that for me to look at this surgery and finally having it all removed. My pain will more than likely stay the same if it does get better he said it might be a 20% chance. Plus and this is the first time and first place I have told anyone anything about my appt or anything since but I’m having problems with my kidneys. Raz ordered some tests for me down here and things did not turn out good. I am also worried about the money. I can’t fly my Dr will not allow me for health reasons. I can’t sit in a car for that drive so we took an RV for the consult ( I am now an RVer. Loved it) only thing is it kept breaking down. There is A LOT of work that needs to be done to it to make it road worthy again. We are talking about over 10,000 plus the cost of travel and medical and well we have nothing. My fundraiser last year did ok but the biggest donation came from a friend who had collected from his work. And for it to be up for about 8 months it raised 2600. I don’t know with no support but my husband and no news outlet wanting to do an interview and really Noone but a free reaching out to me online and my oldest son who has hated me for some reason unknown for 6 to 7 years yelling me he wished I would hurry up and die sometimes I wonder what’s the point. I have not done anything since that day either. I had started teaching myself how to crochet and knit both needles and loom and I had gotten into rubber band jewel and had made a lot and was going to learn to make friendship bracelets and paranoid and then set up a store. Oops I have taken up way too much space. Sorry about.


        • You can’t take up too much space sweet Kim! I have learned many of the same lessons you speak of… and I’m a family member, and not even one of the injured. I have longtime friends that have fled my life because it is now filled with so much grief. It’s a shame, but my decision is not to take it personally, because it is their choice and their issue to work through… I for one and SO GLAD that you are here. You will find a friend in me and a friend in many others here. God bless you, and I’m honored that you have taken the time to be part of our small (but growing!) community. ~Love, Your Mesh Warrior/Aaron


  5. You have such a wonderful, creative and diversified group of friends. So glad that you are back as I miss you when you are gone. I know you need a break as things occur in you life and sometimes you just need a break! I got so excited when I saw this week’s giftaway was a cookbook. I love to cook when I feel like it and I absolutely love cookbooks. You can always find a new recipe to try in one no matter how many you may have! As always sending you big hugs and lots of love sweet lady and friend!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I miss you too Kay! I am so fortunate that God has seen fit to grace me with amazing people in my life. I do love a wide variety of people, and most of them return in spades 10 fold the amount of love I have shared. I am blessed. I’m so glad to have something to giveaway that so many of you have a passion for. What is your favorite dish to cook and your favorite cuisine? Mine is undoubtedly TEX-MEX though I love all kinds of food! I love Indian cuisine, sushi, French food (oh, the Charcuterie I could devour on a daily basis), Italian, Thai, BBQ- all kinds and one of my new favorites in recent years has become what I call Coastal Mexican. I love the nuance of flavors, milder cheeses, unique sauces and of course the super-fresh seafood used in this cuisine like Marlin, HUGE Pacific shrimp, octopus (really- it’s soooo tasty) and tuna.


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