Controversy, Commitment, Coral Earrings & Cookbooks!

Hi Angels & Warriors;
That blog title was the easiest alliteration I’ve ever written!  Ha- and it’s four words (I’m a Word Nerd, obviously)!

Last Monday’s post was quite controversial. Many new folks visited the blog, and because you shared the information, word got out in a big way!  Good job, Angels.  I received another request for a radio interview, and Jane published the story on her site which is great!  (See Jane’s post here: March Madness: A New Tactic in Transvaginal Mesh Litigation) The traffic on this blog, where your stories are told, DOUBLED- that’s right, DOUBLED.  In. One. Day.  Great job, and thank you so much for helping me and being part of the solution, even while you are injured.  My sincere appreciation and heartfelt love to all of you who shared the post.

My how I have missed you all!  Just one week away from the blog, and my heart strings were continually pulled towards you all, in the midst of technology issues, the weirdest Texas late winter-early spring snow/ice/rain storm-thingy ever, and trying to manage my own grief through this family illness and the injury to my mother.  It’s 59 days until her surgery as of TODAY.  Less than six months, and it could not come soon enough for us all.

On the advice of my advisors (spiritual advisors, trusted friends, and The Hubby), I have decided to move the FRIDAY GIFTaway to once per month on the first Friday of each month.  As my mother’s surgery draws nearer, I will need to focus more and more on the health of my family, my mother, my Husband and myself.  One of my character flaws is that I don’t listen to my body when it needs to stop.  I keep pushing it until it literally shuts off, and I must be well to keep fighting this fight- for as I’ve said before; it’s a war- a series of battles.

But as you know, I can never stay away from you all for long, so I will still be writing to you.  I will focus more on what I can do from home, as opposed to what is necessary to go out to obtain the giveaway items.  You will be glad to know that I have plenty to get us through several months, and the GIFTaways will be larger as a result of the lesser frequency. I also have several profiles of lovely women and warriors to write, so I won’t be far, trust me! Wild horses couldn’t drag me away from you all!

So…. another drumroll and this time, TWO WINNERS (mesh tears was not able to accept the earrings, so graciously asked me to draw another winner).

The winner of Zeke & Marty’s beautiful, handmade sterling & coral earrings is:

Kim P.

Hand-crafted Sterling Silver and Natural Coral earrings by Zeke & Marty.

Hand-crafted Sterling Silver and Natural Coral earrings by Zeke & Marty.

And the winner of  The Queen of Texas Cuisine, Ms. Dotty Griffith’s signed cookbook is:


Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 4.57.20 PM

Please email me at: themeshwarrior[at]gmail[dotcom] and provide me with your mailing address so that I may send you your prize!  CONGRATULATIONS!

Our next FRIDAY GIFTaway will be this coming Friday, so stay tuned.  I hope this Monday is one of the good days for each of you.


Your Mesh Warrior/Aaron

7 responses

  1. Awe cool, I am sorry for just now seeing this, I have got SO much going on. I promise I will get you my address soon. I will, at some point, Seriously. LOL Look a short post, now you know there is something not right in whoville.

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  2. Your recent post hit home with me when you said only 59 more days till your mom has her surgery with Dr Raz. As of today I have 49 more days to wait. I am 38 years old and had a bladder mesh implanted 4 years ago. It has turned my life upside down. Throughout my journey I have gone from doctor to doctor. All telling me there is nothing wrong or they didn’t know what was wrong and that I’m too young to have the medical issues I was having. Through my own desperation and research I stumbled across some blogs that confirmed I wasn’t crazy or a hypochondriac. My body was sick and others were going through the same things. As I poured through page after page of information, one name kept popping up, Dr Raz. Fast forward many months and here I finally am. The countdown has begun. I am hopeful and scared at the same time. Thank you for continuing to get the word out to others. I believe there are many sick from the mesh that don’t even realize it. It can go unnoticed for a long time.

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