The Friday (night) GIFTaway . . . .

Hi Angels & Warriors!

I’ve got to make this post a quickie because it’s late, and you all deserve at least one promise to be kept to you today! As a quick reminder, we are doing the GIFTaway monthly now, on the first Friday, as I am turn my focus more towards preparing with my family for my mom’s big day. Ladies, I ask that you keep us in your thoughts and prayers, because Mom’s pain and her symptoms are vast and complicated. It’s overwhelming to think about at all.

Today’s GIFTaway is a fancy, chi-chi set of hair products from my friends at Osgood O’neil Salon in Dallas. They love you ladies so much, as I talk about you often. So many of you tell me that your hair has changed in some form since your implant, so I want you to have the chance to feel as beautiful as you are by washing and styling your hair with these amazing products when you have a special event that you are up to attending – even if it’s a night in of pampering yourself.

Fragrant fancy hair products, and fragrant delectable coffee? Pamper yourself!

Fragrant fancy hair products, and fragrant delectable coffee? Pamper yourself!

My best friend on the left, and Shara (pronounced Sada) of Osgood O'neil on the right. They helped me find the courage and vulnerability to do the Mesh Warrior photo shoot without holding anything back.

My best friend on the left, and Shara (pronounced Sada) of Osgood O’neil on the right. They helped me find the courage and vulnerability to do the Mesh Warrior photo shoot without holding anything back.

I love this brand of hair care – Davines.  It’s Italian, natural, makes your hair shiny and voluminous and it makes you feel DIVINE. Va-Va-Voom! I’ve also included a $25 Gift Card to the Nordstrom eBar/Coffee Bar. I actually like their coffee better than Starbucks’ and this gift card was graciously donated by my friends who often hear about you all as I stop in and write there often.  You can buy whole-bean coffee, snacks and other Nordstrom-only treats from their eBar (usually located just outside the store’s entry on the first floor). If you don’t live near a Nordstrom, you can use the card online or you could even gift it to another mesh-injured friend who does live near a store. Choices are what makes life worth living!

That’s all for today folks.  I will announce the winner April Friday (and I promise I won’t play any April Fool’s trick on you)!

Rules for Entry

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2) Become a follower by adding and confirming your email.  You’ll be immediately notified of new posts that way.

** You cannot win the GIFTaway if you have won it in the last six months, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still share your thoughts or how you used or liked your gift.

Love to you all!

The Mesh Warrior

21 responses

  1. Thank you so much for standing up for those of us who do not have an outlet. I just had my pre-op appointment today for surgery on Monday, March 24, for transvaginal mesh removal. I appreciate the information, sharing, and love you send forth! Thank you!

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  2. Aaron~Beautiful pic of a beautiful friend. Not only is she a friend, Aaron is “Our Mesh Warrior” who battles daily to help in the fight against mesh injured women. Thank God we have you in our lives leading this battle for us. We all admire your strength and courage. Praying for you daily.

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  3. Hello Aaron, You have to be one of the most giving and amazing women,I have ever met.It is hard for me to write this as tears roll down my face,I truly feel your pain,your mom is truly blessed to have a daughter that has put her heart and soul into helping her and other women across the country.As you know I have mom and sister that don’t talk to me.They don’t care that some days i can’t walk,my body is like a balloon,and my hair is falling out! I guess I can say my husband and grandson and talking other mesh angels has taught me to not give up.And Aaron I wish I had a daughter like you.You Aaron and your endless work for all of us is truly a gift from GOD.Aaron I always pray for you and your mom,to bring healing to her body and healing to your heart.I think I should say you are more than A WARRIOR OR A ANGEL you are a gift from GOD that spreads your spirit all across the country.You also have a heart bigger than the size of Texas 🙂

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    • Now LoLo, you stop that!! You’re embarrassing me! I’m not an Oprah groupie, but I do believe “To whom much is given, much is expected.” I love you SO MUCH! I was once told that you know you’re a woman when you can accept a compliment gracefully, so thank you. I especially like that you think my heart is as big as TEXAS, cause that’s mighty big and means there’s room for more. xoxoxoxo


  4. You are such an inspiration Aaron!! Im so thankful you are YOU!! We have been graced with a truly amazing warrior to help all those injured with this horrific battle THOUSANDS of us are facing! We need to be heard and this abuse must STOP! Thank you Aaron!! XOX

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    • Thank you Carla! When you are with people you love and trust, beauty radiates from the inside. That’s how we all felt that day. Blessed to be able to fight against this horrid evil; blessed to do good works together for another day.


  5. Hi Aaron, can’t tell enough how much I admire you for the way you support your mom and the rest of us. You are the angel. Sometimes it feels like a dark cloud has permeated our planet with mesh pain, corruption in pharma companies, and even judicial systems that won’t let the truth be known! The rare individuals like yourself continue to give us hope for this planet. My love and prayers are with you and your mom. I don’t know if you realize how rare you are. Most mesh injured people muddle through life alone. Most husbands and family members are either sick of hearing about mesh or the topic is too painful for them to even “go there”. I wish every mesh injured person had a family member like you to rely on. You are amazing. I love your spirit and your heart.

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    • Mary Pat – you are too kind! I cannot give away what I do not have, and God has blessed me richly, not for me to keep it but for me to share it, and it is my delight to do so. I hope with hard work and more time, we will all work together to make take this horror out of the darkness and into the light for all to be held accountable and for you all to feel heard. I desire that no one suffers alone, and there are still so many out there. We have to do our best to find them so that we can share our still small light with them. Thank you for your support Mary Pat. Words like yours keep me going, especially on the hard days. You will love the “Warrior” series I am writing – it’s about committed husbands and family members, and I hope it will help many see HOW to love the injured. Just keep puttin’ one foot in front of the other… lots of love to you. xoxoxo


  6. As I have not felt like a true woman in approximately 4 years and due to financial hardships due to 8 surgical procedures it would be very nice to pamper me for once. I think all of us warriors deserve to feel special.

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