Calling all Angels . . .

Do you remember this movie – Pay It Forward- and its last scene?

What is your answer when the child is asked,

“Why won’t it work?”

Please share your comments below.


9 responses

  1. It works and it don’t works, it depends on the person and sadly sometimes the popularity and the politics involved. Being someone who has seen a lot of things and experienced a lot of different things, seeing and being involved in a lot of different all with different backgrounds, people of different race, gender, age, backgrounds, different cultures, different popularities, different politics, religion, you get the picture. It all boils down to the people involved and what they believe is more worthy of judgement to participate and sin. While someone may do something for someone out of the kindness of their hearts, the person they did it for due to greed or something never does anything for anyone else to pay it forward. That movie touched me in so many ways and for a very long time and I have always lived by that motto, although I have only seen the movie once, I can’t watch a movie where a child dies. Take us for example, take how we have been injured by this mesh, some of us have fundraisers, some re trying to get the word out by blogging and writing people and going to their local news but what is happening, we are all getting the raw end of the deal, no one is paying us attention, really giving donations unless they truly know us, we are not getting through to major or in most cases local news or to big people like the president, Ellen, Oprah, yes they are big and we are just tiny Americans, but I have always believed that a title means nothing, they out their pants on the same way I do, or at least they used to.but because of the way society is today (guess you can add society in there too) with the scams and the way people thing, for example, oh she is not really dieing from this, I have not heard anything about this in the news, so it must not be true I am not giving her nothing, or she does not look sick stigmata I am not giving or dare I even say this one, she is not liked in this family, she is trying to use this family for her own use, or that family is not very popular out here and they do nothing why should we help them, or in the case of bigger people they can’t get to our mail because we are known as the little people so they do not even know there is a problem, one that could be hurting them no less, or if they do actually read it, still oh this is just a plot to get money again or I don’t have time for someone who is not of my social status. TIme and time again this happens, and probably 99% out of the time, someone somewhere has done something for them and they need to pay it forward. I wish it would work, I wish it could just like the movie, and not after the fact but as long as we have cruel mislead, misinformed, misquided, jaded, people in this world with no morals it will never work, it can’t. If it did, we would all be too perfect and that can’t happen. I know I may have gotten a little off the whole idea but hey this is about the only place I have to rant, express or whatever and I have not been doing that either.

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    • Like I said, there is no wrong answer to the question, so you are fine and continue to express what you need to here. It’s a safe place. And I so get the disappointment in humanity. Humanity can be a cruel and lonely reality and often is. I’m so sorry for your injury but glad you keep coming back. xoxoxo


      • You know i would live more than anything if something like this could work. I mean really work. As a combined cooperation from everyone in the US or world. Where we could have people just pick 5 to 10 random names from a directory and send them something, a letter, a cheerful thinking of you card, a stack of coasters either made by you or bought anything (what some don’t realize is you don’t have to necessarily spend money maybe the cost of a stamp) and then once those 5 or 10 get theirs then they do the same. I would love for it to be around the world and be something as simple as cards. What I would truly like to believe (I used to always believed and tried to see the good in people which is why I was usually always the one hurt) but I truly would like to believe if this could get started and be done enough times that it would start making everyone feel better about themselves (it’s a 2 fold they would eventually start feeling better for what they were doing and just imagine someone coming home after a bad day at work or a bad dr appt only to get the mail to find a cheery thinking of you card, I know you know the feeling) this would in time get everyone feeling better about themselves which I believe would make them happier and think better about others as well. Which in my mind (I may be totally wrong and you might think she is crazy or I might be dreaming) would make everyone as a society better, kinder and as a whole the result would be this would just happen automatically without thinking about it, crimes would go down and the world would be safer. That would be what I would love but I doubt it could ever happen. For one reason you can’t have a society like that nothing is ever just good or just right. There has to be both bad and good for balance and dare I say it harmony. I really need my own blog. OK oh I hope my first reply did not upset you any it seemed like you might have been a little upset or something.


        • Oh girl, it takes MUCH MORE than that to upset me. I’m not upset at all about your feelings and thoughts… I wanna challenge you though… Anytime you hear yourself saying, “I wish someone would…” What would it look like if you said, “I can…. or I will” pick a name out of the phone book and write them a card and ask them to do the same. You just might be on to something and be the beginning or part of the beginning. I believe it’s THE MOTIVE OF THE HEART that weighs heavier than the outcome when all is said and done and we are all gone from this earth. Just a thought I had when I read your most recent post. xoxo


  2. This movie made such an impact on everyone who saw it… I still see people ‘paying it forward’ and that touches my heart because I KNOW it works. It’s happened to me personally and I’ve paid it forward in the past as well.

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  3. There are to many people without morals and will take advantage of you if they can. It’s like paying someone for doing a job before they do it. Most of them never follow through. By the way, I love this movie. It has so many lessons to be learned.

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    • Thanks for reading the blog and commenting Tiffany! Sadly, your statement is true and since I can’t change that truth I’ve chosen to see my “pay it forward” as the good within me that motivates me. It’s the motive of the heart that matters to me. Whatever someone does with my gift, I see as their choice/problem…. Just my take!


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