U.S. House of Reps. Letter to FDA . . .

Hi ladies;

In September 2013, I got the attention of a DFW-area U.S. House of Representatives member, Eddie Bernice Johnson.  She has served south and west Dallas for many years, and she is a retired R.N.  After I met with her chief of staff, she kindly pushed this through “the D.C. machine” and attempted to get others to sign it.  I have not gotten much forward motion since then.  The government shutdown came shortly following the launch of this letter.

Do you have any ideas?  Can you pressure your HOR Congressman/woman to sign this petition through EBJ of Texas’ office?  I don’t know what else to do but publish the letter and ask for your help!

fda-mesh-dc.pdf (Downloadable file as a PDF)

JPG of letter from Congress to FDA from September 2013.

JPG of letter from Congress to FDA from September 2013.

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  2. I have written to my congressionals here in Kentucky. The only one I received any information back from was Mitch McConnel and it was a packet of info to inform ME about transvaginal mesh! He didn’t get it. Normally I would follow up and contact the office again to straighten them out but I haven’t felt well and the fight in me got up and left. I hope someday I will have it back again. I was really surprised I didn’t hear anything back from Rand Paul. He was the one I thought I’d hear from but nothing. I didn’t hear a thing from the Kentucky state reps or senators either.

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  3. Aaron,I have been in touch with congressman Jack Kingston here in Savannah, Ga. Mr. Kingston was a very close friend to my daddy for many years. Feel as though I’ve gotten his attention.I am sure some more contacts from other women would go a long way to helping us all.From there to the Justice department. Google Jack for contact info. Use the Savannah office for contact.

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  4. Everyone – Super Tuesday is coming this November. Put pressure on your incumbents, and get to know their challenger and if that person will make womens’ medical issues a priority. Women are (as you probably all know) the heaviest users of the medical system, and since that’s what the Administration is focused on, your vote will count more than any individual at mid-term elections. Keep pressing the issue with emails, etc. If you want to refer them to me, do it. I will take their calls and will educate them when you are ill.


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