Blue is the New Red

Good Early Morning Angels;

Don’t you just love it when you can pull off a beautiful bright red lipstick and look lovely but not like you work in a red light district?  Sometimes I’ll see a woman whose red lipstick catches my eye, and those of you who know me personally know I cannot live without my two favorite girly pleasures:

1) Bracelets



Yes- I am addicted to both, and I’m not ashamed to say it.  Often people will say to me, “I wish I could wear that and get away with it.”  I’m here to say, “Yep, you can too.”  Many of you will attest that living through the Mesh Hell will remove some of our most petty fears if you let it – like caring what other people think about what you wear or how you choose to outwardly express your currently inner reality.

Getting dressed in the morning is a form of affordable art for me.  I confess that I do it less and less as writing doesn’t require much more than PJs and lip balm.  However, if I go too long with out fixing myself up, I start to get the blues (or even worse, the “Mean Reds,” so sometimes I do it for no reason at all.  I decided that I love the blue lipstick so much from the recent Mesh Warrior photo shoot that my friends did for me and the Foundation, that I am going to make it a habit of wearing the blue lips.

Starting today.  Yep- in public.  I’ll be in a meetings in Dallas.  I’ll be in the courthouse meeting lawyers, reporters and God only knows who else.  And well, I think the blue lips will just be a good, shall we say, conversational piece? 🙂  So, I’m going to teach you how to do The Blues because, well, I’ve decided at 5:16 a.m. that BLUE is the NEW RED.

Jennifer Massoud/JenXFaces

Jennifer Massoud/JenXFaces

My friend Jennifer with first taught me, and she is the lovely soul who did my make-up for the photo shoot.  I thought to myself this morning.  If a doctors and manufacturers can do what they’ve done to us all, completely out in the clear blue daylight, than surely it can be no more egregious for me to wear blue lipstick in the clear blue daylight – whenever I good and well darn please, and so can you. Here’s how she did it:

She used a regular small paint brush, one you could find at Michael’s or the Dollar Store.  She painted my lips with body paint from MAC, which is the brand of make-up I use almost exclusively.  She used a lipliner and then press on glitter to get the Cobalt blue shimmer, which is her favorite hue of the blues.

Jen's Products

Jen’s Products

I LOVED my make-up so much from the shoot, that yes, I slept in it and wore it the next day until I looked too much like Edward Scissorhands, and less like a daring and dashing lady.

The Mesh Warrior Blues

The Mesh Warrior Blues

I had the great joy of hosting my niece and nephew for a few days over Spring Break last week, and my 11-yr-old had been begging me to do her make-up like mine in the photos she’s seen, so we had a bit of fun.  Being out in the country, we didn’t have access to MAC products, so we improvised, using some of what Jen taught us and some of our own ideas.  We loved how it came out! Here is my niece and her version of The Blues as well as the products we used – all from CVS, we found a tattoo kit that included glitter and safe “body glue” for the face:

The Baby Blues

The Baby Blues

photo 1

Milani Shadow Eyes in “Aquatic Style;” L’Oreal Pencil Liquid Eyeliner in “Turquoise,” and Shimmer Glitter Tattoos Body Glue and Turquoise Glitter

Baby Blues #2

Baby Blues #2

Thank you Jen for teaching us how to be our kind of beautiful every day!  Jen loves to teach and loves the art of making women feel as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside, and as her friend, I can tell you, she is simply gorgeous inside and out.  Have fun with this post.  Let me know if you dare to don the blues like I do.  We liked the turquoise look, so that’s what I’m rockin’ today! 😉

Beautiful INSIDE and OUT - Jennifer Massoud.  She's kinda THE BOMB!

Beautiful INSIDE and OUT – Jennifer Massoud. She’s kinda THE BOMB!

Love you all~


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  2. And if you don’t have blue lipstick or you want to make lighter shades. You can use eye shadow and vast line and lip gloss. You can either get a glob of the jelly and scrape powder on to it and mix spread on lips with brush or finger followed by lip gloss. Or my favorite way o’s to lightly coat lips with jelly than using finger or a lip brush I dab the shadow to my lips. Using a liner brush you can even do lip liner then set it with lip gloss. You can do this with any shadow or blush now you have all kinds of colors for your lips.
    Now your nails. I used to say you were not complete unless your nails were did. You can make blue polish or any color polish you want. Just go buy any brand clear nail polish. I used to use the sally Hanson ones that had some benefit for your nails or you can buy cheaper clear polish and use Sally as a top coat. Now get your eye shadow or blush in blue or any color. I suggest using a cheaper brand shadow for this as it will take A LOT of shadow. Start scraping that powder out onto a piece of paper. When you think you have enough take the Polish and pour some of it out to make room for the powder and to mix. Carefully pour in the powder and put top back on and keep mixing. Always use less first you can always add more if you want it darker. You can also mix colors…adding white or gray gives a great effect and you can also add glitter. OK class dismissed.

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    • Love your creativity! I’m going to try that too! You can buy “pigments” now in the eye shadow departments of CVS/Walgreen’s, etc. and they are a richer color so you don’t have to use as much shadow when mixing with your base gel. #ILOVEMAKEUP! Glad you do too, Mesh Tears. Simple pleasures, ya know?


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