A Texas-sized Tear Tidal Wave . . . .

Watch for Week 2, Day 1 of Batiste v. Ethicon to be posted shortly on MND and themeshwarrior.com: “An Unexpected Rollercoaster in Texas.”

To be a true patient warrior and patient advocate, you have to be strong and vulnerable at the same time… here’s what that looked like on me today. 😦  Glad to have mesh-injured friend, Becky, and patient advocate, Joleen, with me, or… I would have ended up looking like Edward Scissorhands on a really bad day….  Glad today is over.  Linda Batiste (plaintiff) takes the stand tomorrow.  Pray and wish us love.  luck and God’s mercy on us all. ~Aaron



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  1. Has anyone had their implant since 2005? I was 30. I still have parts of it. Of course have had several revisions (prior to today’s knowledge of revisions and “not to” of course). I just want to talk to someone who has had the gynecare prolift ant/post as long as I have. I also had my cervix removed. Is this related? Is there a forum where we can talk to injured women narrowed down with more similar symptoms, problems, same situation? I feel alone and I don’t want to feel that way anymore.

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    • Hi Sweet Amy~ I know just the friend to put you in contact with… please login to Facebook and ask to join “The Mesh Warrior Foundation for the the injured.” God bless you. I am so sorry for your injury. In our community you will find love, healing, hope and answers…. that’s what we’re here for…. so glad you found us.


  2. My mesh was implanted in 2008 without my consent. My Dr. called it a vaginal repair. When my husband and I were waiting for him to arrive the morning of surgery, and I had already signed consent forms, scanning them all for the word Mesh because I had a relative that worked in this field for a medical equipment company and Warned me that there were reports of problems among their company and he said, “whatever you do don’t let them use mesh”. When my doctor arrived for surgery I said, “you never explained what you were going to do with this vaginal repair”? He said, “what do you think I’m going to do?”

    Well, my mind was racing. I went to him for a Hydro Eblation procedure because I was 45 and having heavy bleeding and needed to get it taken care of. While at my appointment with him I mentioned that I dealt with a leaky bladder and I was dealing with a low sex drive. His response. We can do a sling to take care of the leaky bladder and the sex drive was all in my attitude, but he wanted to examine me and see what was going on. So he did and said that we could do a vaginal repair. I said, “will that help?”, he said, “it can’t hurt!” No explanation, no product brochure, nothing explaining.

    You see, I researched for a doctor who would do the Hydro Eblation that took my insurance and this doctor was it.

    Back to surgery day: I said, “Well, I worked on OB for a while and have had 2 kids so I guess you are going to cut an Episiotomy and sew me back up”. He said, “that’s exactly what I’m going to do”. No mention of Mesh. I didn’t feel at the time I was in a position to challenge him and let him perform all 3 procedures.

    We were told that the surgery would take about 1 1/2 hours. when I woke up in the operating room, I saw the clock and immediately knew something else had happened. The surgery had taken 5 hours. I heard 2 people in the operating room say, “well, that is a lawsuit waiting to happen”. They could’ve been talking about someone else but that is what I heard.

    I spent time in recovery. I was in and out and it was getting late so when they got me settled in my room my husband went home to take care of kids and rest. I still had no idea that I had been implanted with the mesh that I was warned about.

    The relative that warned me about it called me the next morning fussing at me for letting them implant the mesh. I didn’t know what he was talking about. He said that my husband told him that. At that point we still didn’t know how much damage was caused.

    I dealt with pain after that point but I just thought it was taking a long time for me to heal. Sex was painful, my bladder was still leaking, but I just dealt with it because I didn’t think a doctor would believe my pain. I didn’t go to a gynecologists for 4 years. In Sept of 2012 I finally found a different doctor for a papsmear. Told them about the mesh implant and some of the pain I had been dealing with. during the exam the doctor said it felt like the mesh was all bunched up.

    I immediately called the relative who warned me about the mesh in the first place and they connected me with a Dr. in Dallas that was a specialists in mesh removal and was Anti Mesh.

    In Dec. of 2012 I had my first mesh removal. Once the doctor got into surgery he discovered that the mesh had perforated my vaginal wall and rectum. He began the removal process and repair of the rectum. The surgery was 5 hours long and couldn’t be completed because of all of the bleeding. He had to control the bleeding and close me up before he could remove all of the mesh. Recovery was long and sex was still painful. Leaky bladder was worse because he did remove the mesh bladder sling and all of the testing that had to be done was very painful. Even my doctor examining me was painful. I left his office in tears every appointment.

    Finally, in feb of 2014 my doctor was able to remove the remainder of the mesh that was perforating my vaginal wall and rectum without to many complications. It was out patient and so much easier than the first surgery in 2012. Last week my husband and I were even able to have pain free sex for the first time in years. He has been so patient through all of this.

    I do have a lawsuit pending but I am unable to find an attorney who will go after my Dr. who implanted the mesh. with the Tort reform in Texas they say it’s not worth it. But I say it is, this Doctor’s bedside manner and information giving needs to change! I’m not sure what my next step is. Even the attorney’s handling my suit against the manufacturer won’t handle it. There is also a statute of limitations to sue the doctor of 2 years. I’m not clear on whether that is from the date of implant or the discovery of the problem. which will be 2 years in September 2014.

    I just started really speaking openly about my medical situation with friends and co workers. it was just one of those subjects people don’t want to hear about. I work in a church and love helping people. I’m not one to sit around much. However, I’m so exhausted from all of this that I don’t have much to give back anymore and am limited on what my body can handle doing anymore.

    I just found your blog last week and am inspired to start sharing my story more. I have a friend that is a news anchor here in San Antonio and am going to contact her to see if they would be interested in doing a story to get the word out. However, I’m not sure what my attorney’s will think about that. I still need to do a little investigating.

    Thank you for speaking up for women everywhere who are dealing with this. There are so many women who are dealing with much worse than I. I’m grateful to still be able to walk, work, and enjoy life so far. I do have a lot of the pain that other women are dealing with but not to the point yet that I have to be on pain killers.

    Thank you again,

    Christie Olde Crosspoint fellowship church


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    • Christie- Thank you for sharing your story with us. I would be glad to speak at your church, if you think warning and connecting others to community might help you and others you may not even know yet, that are experiencing the same thing. God bless you.


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