If you are a mother, please read this. We promise to do better at honoring you, so we all may live with the joy of whole families.

The Mesh Warrior ℠


This Mother’s Day will be quite different for many of us, different than any other year.  I miss my mother. My day-to-day family is of a different make-up.  There are wounds that are open, deep in my core, raw and inexplicable, as many of your own physical wounds remain open and untreated.  During the past year or more, many unforeseen events have been soul-stealing attempts at beating me up, down, in every direction. As many have been unforeseen, yet JOY-FILLED events that, but for this mesh, would never have presented themselves for our taking.  My family photo album from the last year includes a variety of characters, most all new family members, family by chance- my mesh family.

I have the divine pleasure of spending an entire month with my gloriously scrumptious 11-yr-old niece.  Before we left for California, we spent just about two weeks together at…

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