“Jesse is my grandson and his Dad, James is one of a kind Daddy. I am sharing this story because we all need to know other people not mesh injured can still “GET IT.” Sometimes family does not. James has been with me several times when I have had an incontinent episode and have been so embarrassed. Tonight, we talked about a friend who is suffering from MESH injury within her family. Let me give you context first:  My daughter rodeos. . .

My daughter and James began talking, and the concept they both offered was, “Well Mom, they tie a bull up in his important parts with a flank strap; that is what Mesh does to women and here is the truth:  A flank strap is a leather or nylon strap, or soft rope, which is wrapped around the flanks of a bull or horse, usually to encourage bucking.  “No wonder, Mom, the MESH world is full of injured women who just want to break free of a human flank strap.” Then James, smiled and said, “Mom I would be madder than hell if it were done me. I am also madder than hell for you.”

Validation comes in all forms and when you are part of this hell of mesh, validation is everything.

A flank strap, a pelvic mesh, they both make all of us bucking mad; the bull is a great example, one I now will use when asked how life is with a mesh implant. It is a pelvic, bull flank strap, and I was not treated as a human being when I was implanted and left, and not for eight seconds like a bull to buck and make a fuss to be released from pain. I was left for a lifetime.

Rodeo stories are part of our family.  My Grandpa raised bulls. I hope this story helps you laugh but helps you know being MAD about mesh is a good thing. It helps you fight for your life.”

A beautiful story, written by a mesh-injured woman and friend, Teresa

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  1. I love the analogy…even though it is so painful. Maybe we should ask People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals to join our mission [PETA] or give us some guidance. If anyone with a mesh injury or family member lives in Austin, Texas…Feel free to contact me. I haven’t survived yet, but, doing my best. Would love to start a support group for those in the Area. I have 3 neighbors in their 70’s who have been suffering for 5+years with multiple surgeries and told their Statue of Limitations have run out…Seriously? What is the Statue of Limitations on Criminal Assault, Attempted Murder, Intentionally Poisoning Someone for Profit, or Environmental Toxins? Looks like more of a criminal suit we should be looking at in addition to Fraud, Product Liability, Defective Medical Devices….It seems to me like prison time and defense attorneys picking up the fees should also be considered. God Bless You All, Cat

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