Spiritual Significance of the Peacock

Hi Angels & Warriors;

A beautiful creation with so many eyes to see . . .

A beautiful creation with so many eyes to see . . .

Yesterday, I was busy writing away in my writer’s uniform (also known as pajamas) when my neighbor knocked on the door.  I suppose it was around 3 p.m.  His name is John, and he is the sweetest neighbor.  We love him to bits.  He brings us garden goodies often.  This week, he already brought over new potatoes, butternut squash and a ghost pepper for Lee! The ghost pepper is said to be the hottest pepper in the world, and Lee loves to act a peacock, trying to be all manly and display his feathers for me to see how easily he can “take the heat” so to speak.

Well, this time John’s visit was not to bring farm-fresh goodies. He had his beautiful granddaughter on top of his shoulders, and when I opened my door (he’s accustomed to seeing me in PJs); he said as calmly as if he were saying,”I picked up your paper today,” but instead said “Did you know there’s a brood of six peacocks nested on your roof under your pecan tree?”  Of course I said, “No John, I did not, and I certainly didn’t expect to hear you say that!” His granddaughter was gleefully egging me on -“Come outside Mrs. Aaron; come and see!”

Sure enough; out we went, and there we see six beautiful peacocks resting on my roof as if it were the safest and most comfortable place to be. “Where in the world did these peacocks come from?” I thought.  I live 5.5 miles from the tallest building in downtown Dallas, no where near a zoo or any exotic animal facility or eccentric backyard breeder.” We marveled for an hour or more at the beautiful birds. We fed them birdseed and watched them walk back and forth across the roof. It was a delightful neighborly event. Above are the pictures I took.

Oh, and let me mention one more small detail. John’s wife came over to the house to see what all the ruckus was about, and having recently read our city magazine The Lakewood Advocate, which featured a story about The Mesh Warrior Foundation for the injured for this month’s (June 2014) issue, she asked me a few questions. She is having continence issues, and she’s been seeing a doctor and has been terrified to return to the doctor because surgery has been suggested to her. She asked a few more questions, which I was grateful to answer, and DO YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED NEXT?

I said, “Who is your urogynecologist?” Her answer laid me out flat on the grass in my pajamas with peacocks on my roof because it was more coincidental, serendipitous or divinely providential than the rest of the goings on, which were obviously quite odd. Her doctor is the surgeon who implanted mesh in my mother, basically leading to this Mesh Hell that my family STILL lives in to this day. Oh. My. Gosh. There are peacocks on my roof. God got me out of my house in my PJs the middle of the day with a brood of six peacocks, so that my family’s fate did not become my neighbor’s fate.

Divine Providence: That’s a neat trick, God. #StillInAweGod #GodIsPlayful

My friend Teresa found this wonderful blog on the spiritual significance of peacocks. Wow. Just WOW.

What do you think? Happy accident or Divine Providence?  Follow the link to read more. . . . Love, Aaron

Spiritual Significance of the Peacock.

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  1. All Synchronicities, meant to pull us out of our current awarness, and shake us up a bit…thankfully these beautiful birds turned yet another would be victim, into someone who will no longer be in harms way. Such beauty exists, but when it’s thrust at you, there is a higher meaning. Now you must draw these birds in all their glory 💙😘. (But this is something you already know)

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  2. What a wonderful story and truely a miricle …
    I am also from Euless Texas, I am in Los Angelas California waiting to have one more test then Dr Raz will do my surgery at UCLA medical Plazo to remove the Gynacare Prolift & bladder slung that’s eroding into my rectome & vaginally and another Device that is Enbeded into my colon.

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  3. Reblogged this on The Mesh Warrior and commented:

    To this day, friends, “The Spiritual Significance of the Peacock” is the most -read story on this blog! You would think it would be a story about a court ruling, or news about a new doctor, or some of our community’s mesh angel wisdom, but no. It’s this funny little happenstance story – one that came to me and playfully asked to be written.

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