The Mesh Warrior Joins Consumer Union’s Safe Patient Project

Hello Angels & Warriors; There is more good news to share today! I am so thrilled to now be a formal member of Consumer Union’s Safe Patient Project Network. I will be working closely with CU and other patient advocates on patient-centered healthcare initiatives and patient-centered legislative and policy change. It is an honor for the Foundation, and an honor for me personally, to be invited to participate as I intend to represent you all in thought, word and deed as a part of this very influential group of folks who have already done so much to help patients and their families!

I love you all dearly. You drive me daily to be the best person I can be, and for that I thank you. This achievement is ours to share!

Thank you CU Safe Patient Project. You’ve got a legion of warriors now joining you in the fight to establish a patient-centered healthcare system!

2 responses

  1. I’m reaching out for any help I can get for my husband who has had inguinal hernia surgery and it has left him with a allergic reaction to the mesh and nerve damage ( it is the Kugel Bard3DMax size medium if anyone can give me a number to call Id be greatful because my husband is in worse pain now then he was before surgery)


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