The NIMH commentary on Robin Williams’ death . . .

I’m a bit “posty-bloggy” tonight, but I just keep thinking about our dear American icon, Robin Williams.

Robin Williams - what a beautiful smile, one that knows the difference between happiness and joy perhaps.

Robin Williams – what a beautiful smile, one that knows the difference between happiness and joy perhaps.

The NIMH’s director even wrote a blog. I don’t think we realize how much his death by suicide has affected us yet, in small and large ways, in small and large communities; it continues to remind us daily, unlike the deaths of other celebrities, that life is a precious and precarious thing. In fact, it’s one of the only events in recent history, that I can remember, which has united us again as a community of Americans. We are “doing it wrong” somehow. People don’t just commit suicide in the numbers we’re seeing without a very generalized cause. What do you think it could be? Is it a combination of the rat race, road rage, and the ever-tightening vice on the freedom of individuals to live in the peace of their own finding and choosing in this world?

Dr. Tim Insel of the NIMH says, “. . . our discussions of mental illness rarely focus on this inconvenient truth: these illnesses are currently just as fatal as the “big killers.”’

What do you think?  Why is suicide a better option for so many than living even a single day longer?

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  1. I once asked someone very special to me & the reply was ” when you get so depressed, you’re so far down you don’t think about who it’s going to leave behind & devastate.” ….. I suffer from depression, so doe’s several member’s of my family, it’s Truly DEVASTATING ! (not to mention, SO HEARTBREAKING and wear’s you out rather it’s you or you’re consummed about you’re loved one’s !) There’s MANY MORE PEOPLE than people( INCLUDING GOVERNMENT) REALIZE that suffer’s from it and not to mention the other mental HEALTH ILLNESSE’S/ Issue’s.


    • All very true Rita. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. I think the ability that one has to empathize with the strife of others is what often contributes to the level of depression one suffers. At least being “an empath” doesn’t help when combined with a genetic disposition for depression. That combination, though sometimes and often deadly, sure makes for special people though. Thank God for them.


  2. Between the fact that suicide was Robin’s way of dealing with the progression and disabling effects of Parkinson’s and the incident with my brother the other day (berating me for being a drain on taxpayers and stating if my hand is out it should be “cut off at the neck”). At first I had a good cry, but then I started to think about my mesh brothers and sisters and how easy it would be for anyone of us to fall prey to the frustration and fears(usually of the unknown) we face each day. I wonder if we need a hotline or a phone tree for people to call when they’re down in the dumps and contemplating a way out. I know that for me suicide is NEVER an option. It isn’t because of any profound religious beliefs but because I love my family too much to leave them with that pain. Food for Thought.


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