How I Became ‘The Mesh Warrior’ and How You Can Too

How I Became ‘The Mesh Warrior’ and How You Can Too.

PSA-from The Mesh Warrior- August 14, 2014


This PSA is sponsored by The Mesh Warrior Foundation for the injured and Baron & Budd, P.C. My hope is that it helps the mesh-injured community to find, support and to add to the number of the injured we are reaching by providing a genuine voice alongside the TV commercials that sometimes seem more like used car sales commercials more than those befitting the severe injury of so many, precious men and women. WE ARE MAKING GENUINE PROGRESS! Thank you all for your support. Thank you Baron & Budd for underwriting this message and giving of your time to give our community a platform to reach out to still more of the isolated and lonely injured. Love, Aaron


3 responses

  1. I need help. I have no life at all after mesh. My Lawfirm said not to talk to anyone but they can’t even answer my calls or questions. I love in a small, poor community with no good doctors within a 5 hr drive prob. I have no idea if there is anything you can offer me but I had to take a chance.

    Signed, Scared to sign

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