REMEMBER: Texas AG, Greg Abbott, filed CIVIL INVESTIGATIVE DEMAND against Johnson & Johnson/Ethicon!

Demand that Greg Abbott finish what he started before moving on to Governor. HOW WILL HE CONTINUE WHAT HE STARTED last March?

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Image borrowed from Melayna Lokowsky at Image borrowed from Melayna Lokowsky at

TEXANS – It’s Election Season! Remember the promises made LAST YEAR by former AG, Greg Abbott, who is now running for governor. As a disabled man himself, I implore you to remind him of his promise. He must use his voice, determination and personal experience with the medical system to courageously represent the injured and disabled in our state.

Each one of you who has spent one ounce of your energy to speak out AGAINST DECEPTIVE AND ILLEGAL practices by a company perceived as “too big to fail,” should count today a victory for JUSTICE in this country because we have a disabled man to hold accountable. He should understand.

Bring on election season! Bring DOWN J&J/Ethicon!

Read the whole 33-pg. demand here:


Image borrowed from Melayna Lokowsky at First page of the Texas CIVIL INVESTIGATIVE DEMAND against J&J/Ethicon

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  1. I wished I lived in TX I would vote for him the only thing I can do is reach out to people I know in TX.. And also bringing down J&J would be so very nice these jerks need to pay for what they did to us. TY Aaron ❤ 🙂

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