It’s that time again #Election2014!

Having a close family member with a chronic illness and injury is a life event that has shattered every paradigm I once had about the way the world works. I’ve lost faith and trust in every single manmade institution.


Shattered paradigms sometimes free us.

Truly, I have. I don’t trust anyone these days.

Still, I vote, because even though I don’t believe my paper vote matters much, if at all, I do believe it can’t hurt, so I continue to vote in local, state and national elections.

I also vote with my dollar, as I believe it’s a more effective and powerful way to change the way the world works.

I try my best to spend money with companies I KNOW to be TRUSTWORTHY, and I try my best not to spend money with companies that I know to be UNTRUSTWORTHY, and yes knowing the difference does require me to educate myself. But this is the complex world we live in, like it or not. I also suggest you educate yourself about TO WHERE, in addition TO WHOM your dollar goes, starting with the most important companies you come in contact with, and those companies which create products with which you come into bodily contact or ingest:

  • Your doctor, hospitals, medical insurance company
  • The companies who make your healthcare devices
  • The companies who make your food(s), vitamins and supplements
  • Companies whose pharmaceuticals you or your family uses
  • Your banking and other financial institutions
  • Large government agencies meant to protect you and your family from bodily harm

Increasingly, it’s becoming harder and harder to trust large entities. Doing business with them usually requires that you sign a contract, a large stack of papers, by which only an X-MEN Super Hero could hope to have special powers enough to speed read, remember, and recall when violations against the individual are made.

Commensurate to the above list:

  • Your doctor, hospital and medical insurance companies are MAKING DECISIONS THAT BENEFIT THEM FIRST, YOU SECOND or further down the list.
  • Manufacturers who make your healthcare devices are MAKING DEVICES THAT BENEFIT THEM FIRST AND YOU SECOND, IF AT ALL.
  • Food companies who make your food are making decisions which BENEFIT THEIR PROFIT MARGIN FIRST, not your health FIRST.
  • Pharmaceutical companies, often the same companies above with different names, ARE MAKING DECISIONS THAT BENEFIT THEIR BOTTOM LINES, NOT YOUR BOTTOM OR ANY OTHER BODY PART.
  • THE FDA IS NOT GOING TO PREVENT YOU FROM BEING HARMED BY FOOD, DRUGS, PHARMACEUTICALS or DEVICES, as evidenced by the enormous amount of PREVENTABLE human suffering that has occurred under their watch.

These entities will, at best, recall foods, drugs and/or devices or place more stringent rules upon the manufacture of or sale of said products AFTER HARM HAS BEEN DONE, and usually a bunch of harm.

So, I don’t simply innately trust doctors, hospitals, or any entity within our government (including those expressly created to PROTECT US (DOJ, FDA, Homeland Security, etc), our school systems, city councils, politicians, PACs, the media, Hollywood, and especially large corporations.

If you don’t think large corporations run the bulk of your state’s political and legislative activities, including creating and lobbying for the laws that BENEFIT THEM and HARM YOU, then you are living in La-La-Land, and please send a ticket back for me.

I’ll gladly take the train back to Pleasantville, rather than live every day as a sort of “Groundhog Day,” rediscovering the deceitfulness of the human heart and what preventable horrors can be so flippantly bestowed upon the unknowing and unsuspecting. People, including myself, generally just want to lead a happy and productive life, without the unjust encumbering, of the pursuit of his or her own definition of happiness – whatever that may be.


Top Brands by State - Do these companies affect the taxation and legislation of YOUR LIFE?

Top Brands by State – Do these companies affect the taxation and legislation of YOUR LIFE?

Do you know that corporations (public or private) are treated as individuals within our state and federal judicial systems? Yep. That means, in the eyes of the court, an entity, no matter how large and dissociated by name changes, and/or the creation of alternate legal entities working on behalf of said company, etc. can do anything and everything that you can do. Like come to a wise or unwise decision, or act upon said decision as a common individual with a common amount of resources would. Since an entity, by its very nature, is fractured, it’s kinda hard to prove and entity acted in malfeasance towards others, don’t you think? How does any citizen hold “an entity” accountable? It’s not easy, that’s for sure. We must KNOW THE NAMES of the EXECUTIVES of these companies and appeal to them. These are “the person(s)” of whom the courts speaks when referring to “Defendant,” but you can hold them more accountable than the court system, outside its confines and inside the PUBLIC SQUARE of free thought, free speech and free communities.

#MeshManufacturers do not stop manufacturing highly injurious devices just because the devices are causing permanent, profound, irreparable harm to innocent, unsuspecting people. As an analogy, imagine an individual person walking his dogs on a Sunday evening. A neighbor approaches him from behind and starts to stab and beat the unsuspecting person and his dog. He then steals the neighbors valuables and leaves him for dead. And as it turns out, this isn’t the first time this offender has acted violently in the neighborhood (or elsewhere, for that matter). In fact, he’s been told specifically and repeatedly by many individuals and groups of individuals in his community, maybe even by local law enforcement, to stop causing harm. His community has said. . .



“OUUUUUCCCCCHHHHH – You are torturing me!”


“You’re hurting me!”

“You’re destroying my life.”

“You’re harming and injuring someone I love!”

 “You’re demolishing my family!”

 “You can’t steal from us just because you like money!”

Any individual who would commit such a crime (and repeatedly) would be made to stop by a very intimately familiar set of community leaders who would ostracize such a sociopathic person. A punishment would be in order. He might never be allowed to rejoin the community or sell his wares ever again, for the community would agree that it is harmful to provide him with the financial support to continue to exist in the community and harm its members. He or she would likely be banished immediately. BANISHMENT: This is a very effective form of punishment.

In the current structure of our communities, there is no such option for us as individuals. Our option is to hope to have enough money to invite a team of well-educated and well-paid strangers to select twelve other strangers (jurors) who can have NO SPECIAL KNOWLEDGE of the extent of our situation or how many other loved ones in our community this person has maimed, killed, or stolen from – men, women, children, families – all individuals in our lives that are unique and irreplaceable. And the final sentencing and punishment comes down to yet another stranger – a judge – for whom we may or may not have cast our vote.

It’s my belief that entering into the healthcare system – at this time in our country – is MORE dangerous than just living with illness and dying from illness. Thank God for plants and herbs that we can use to ease our suffering as we expire with dignity and in the privacy of our homes with our families. There’s always that. . . but, wait, is there?

They Poppy - such a beautiful flower

They Poppy – such a beautiful flower

-If I were dying from an illness and didn’t want to use the healthcare system at all, how would I legally die with the dignity of comfort and privacy in my own home instead of a hospital or with hospice services in my home? It’s illegal for me to own Poppy plants from which pain-relieving opium is derived.

-But there’s always the Cannabis plant, and the medicinal qualities of this God-made plant are awesome, right? Oh, you mean that’s illegal too, totally out of the question?

Nope! No farmers allowed.

Nope! No farmers allowed.

-Hmmm – how about the Ephedra plant. It’s great for relieving allergies and suffering at the hands of that pesky common cold, and it helps with nausea too. What’s that you say? Someone owns that too? Like a company owns it? How can a company own something they didn’t even create? Oh, they just make a new name up – like Sudafed?

Nope, can't use this either. Too effective for the common cold. Doesn't kill enough people in our experiments.

Nope, can’t use this either. Too effective for the common cold. Doesn’t kill enough people in our experiments.

It seems like there exists so much, within nature alone, that we could use to ease our ailments, and these remedies maybe wouldn’t even need someone to sell them. We could just grow them and pick the leaves and make tea and stuff. Oh, what’s that you say? Someone already is doing that? Mr. Johnson & Mr. Johnson; and Ms. Bayer; and Mr. Bard; and Mr. Cook; and Ms. Ethicon; and Mr. Coloplast and Mr. Boston Scientific and Uncle Sam? Well, couldn’t we just ask them if we could borrow one of the plants that they took from God and use it to make another one in our own backyard? Then we could have relief too, without paying someone? God certainly didn’t charge any company for the use of the healing virtues of these plants. What, our government won’t let us do that? Well, why not? It sure seems like any person or group of persons who would procure and proliferate the selling of plants with healing qualities would be a group of perfectly nice individuals. What would happen if I found a plant somewhere else, like one that wasn’t already owned by Ms. Astra Zenecka? What’s that you say? If Uncle Sam found out that I found a plant that didn’t belong to anyone, a plant that would help me feel better, well if he found out then he’d fine me or put me in a jail and then I’d feel even worse? Well, how come Ms. Lilly and Mr. Pfizer get to do it?

I don’t get it. This is all backwards. I’m outta this crazy place.

Am I the only one who doesn't get this?

Am I the only one who doesn’t get this?

While these beliefs and vignettes may seem radical, what’s even more radical is the notion of COMMON SENSE. What has become COMMON is NONSENSE, as we see season after season and term after term of “Leaders Behaving Badly,” very, very badly, and its sister show, “Politicians Phoning in Phavors!” to protect themselves and their abilities to be reelected instead of the electorate they were voted in to serve.

For these reasons and so many more, “I don’t ask ‘Why?’ anymore.”

That question ALWAYS leads to the same answer. MLK expressed this truth powerfully,



“Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”
Martin Luther King Jr.

Conscientious Stupidity. Or, in my own words, I’d call it a mix of arrogance, selfishness, disregard for the sanctity of human life, and opportunism. I’d actually boil down the answer even further to greed and power. That’s a pretty dismal view of the world, right? However, I DO TRUST entities invented, created and sanctioned by God alone. And I believe you can too.

1) The Individual Person

2) The Institution of Marriage

3) The Family (not always by blood, but by kinship and love)

4) The Church (not a building in any city, but a world-wide collection of spiritually like-minded people)

That’s it. Even in the Bible, God grants express privileges to government (like going to war to protect life and property), though he did not create government as an institution in the image of Himself, but as a blueprint for man’s government of his community. He gives us a living template to return to after we corrupt his design time and again throughout history (which He knew we’d do, and which we have done). God’s design for government is a “Benevolent Dictatorship,” and it’s highly uncommon among men, if it really exists at all. Dictatorship is a dirty word, because humans are not capable of truly “benevolent” dictatorship, as is God. I’ll give credit to some top-of-mind companies whose directorship is synonymous with sacrificial leadership and charity: Interstate Batteries; Chick-Fil-A; Tom’s of Maine. Still it’s hard to think of many more.

Many forms of Government have been tried, and will be tried in this world



of sin and woe. No one pretends that democracy is perfect or all-wise. Indeed, it has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.

— Sir Winston Churchill, Hansard, November 11, 1947

In fact, the United States IS NOT A DEMOCRACY. You read that right. IT’S NOT A DEMOCRACY! A democracy derives its authority by mass meetings or “mob rule.” It’s preposterous to believe a mob as an entity, which is said “to be able to agree only upon the lowest common denominator,” is any different from a large company as a an entity, which similarly, we’ve seen often agrees on the lowest common denominator and the easiest set of compromises to achieve its mission. Many large company-entities do have a “mob mentality” or a mobster mentality, more accurately. Why on earth would we want to go on living in a world of THE LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR?

The United States is a REPRESENTATIVE REPUBLIC. A Representative Republic derives its authority by the election of individuals who are best fitted to represent the people, on the basis of respect towards law and the administration of justice in accord with fixed principles and established evidence, with a strict regard to consequences.

A Representative Republic is distinctly different from a Democracy BECAUSE ITS DEFINITION REQUIRES STRICT REGARD TO CONSEQUENCES.

Anyone feel like we’re somehow missing that “strict regard to consequences” part? On Wall Street? At Lehman Brothers? Within our government? Within those company-entities who were/are too large to fail? Within a judicial system that anthropomorphizes an entity-company which is designed to serve one, primary interest: Its own self interest, otherwise known as the bottom line or PROFIT. This model does not have consideration or forethought with regard to consequences. Consequences are built into a company-entity’s very DNA and called “the cost of doing business,” or named as line items in the budget like “risk management” or “legal fees” or “corporate citizenship,” “insurance,” or just a plain ol’ actuarial table, all in service of: “The Business God,” – The Almighty P&L Statement. And the P&L must improve quarter over quarter, year over year at all costs, lest the fiefdom of the current business regime be replaced by better, more capable greedy kings. Nothing grows wildly unchecked except cancer, weeds, and human greed.

If we were to meet a man or woman in our community whose expressly-stated goal was FIRST PROFIT, then well, then, who cares what; we’d call that person SOCIOPATHIC, and we would very likely NOT DO ANY PERSONAL OR PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS of any kind with said sociopath, or at least not more than once. And we’d tell everyone in our neighborhood about this very dangerous person.

Oh, so you're just a high-functioning sociopath. Whew, that's a relief!

Oh, so you’re just a high-functioning sociopath. Whew, that’s a relief!



So why do we think companies or governments are different?

Have we even thought about the differences between perceived “good” or “bad” companies?

There are four God-breathed entities that are wholly set apart from the rest of the world’s makings. They are sacred. They are to be guided by the motive of LOVE FIRST, and organized to profit somewhere down on the list.







After SELFLESS and good SELF leadership;


After we can demonstrate all of these leadership traits, then maybe we should start a company and make a profit, so much profit, that we can even plan to give much of it to others for the very same end: HUMAN KINDNESS, CHARITY, THE UNBREAKABLE BONDS OF LOVE IN MARRIAGE; SELFLESS, SELF LEADERSHIP; AND TRUSTING communities.

What about that idea instead?



9 responses

  1. Reblogged this on The Mesh Warrior and commented:

    This post is mostly NOT about politics or elections; rather it’s about how to “vote with your dollar” every day. When I originally posted it; midterm elections were nearing. For some reason, it’s on my heart to post it again today. I hope you enjoy it and that it stirs questions in your heart.


  2. Thank you! Aaron, as usual very thought provoking, and beautifully written. I kept replaying the REM song “Losing My Religion”, while I read this blog. “The phrase “losing my religion” is an expression from the southern region of the United States that means losing one’s temper or civility, or “being at the end of one’s rope.” I guess you can safely say I’m at the end of my rope when it comes to all of the things you mentioned. (Especially politics)..
    There is good, and there is love, and that’s what gets me through bad days, the days where I feel like ripping Gorsky a new one, rather than hearing that he won a humanitarian award. Yupper, he won a humanitarian award. How does this happen? Just goes to show how upside down everthing has become.
    Love to you, your mom, and your family. Your giving spirit does give me hope. Thank you and much love to you,our Mesh Warrior, out battling on the front line, everyday. Bless you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much for your encouraging words, Tara! You, too, are my hope on many days. It’s a difficult battle on every front, but anything worth fighting for will be difficult. I love that R.E.M. song, and as a Texan and a music junkie, I totally get that. I love pairing songs with spoken/written word. My favorite artist in this way is director, Cameron Crowe. His song choices for movies are always AMAZING and make it possible to rethink the entire scene/movie. God bless and much love to you!


  3. Aaron well spoken as yes those companies do not care who thay harm! All thay are out for is the all mighty dollar! My husband had a inguinal Hernia and the dr used the mesh on him this past July and he’s in worse shape now with more pain and nerve damage and is only 42 yrs old and I’ve called the FDA and all thay will say is yes your husband has all the symptoms of the mesh that has been recalled yet thay offer no help and he was a healthy man who loved to ride his Harley but can’t now! All I can say is God Bless you for all your doing and as a Mother myself I’m sure your Mother is very proud of you!!


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