Wanna have your own blog and use your own voice in the #TMWF community? POOF! I made ya one! Check it out!

Speak up!

Speak up!

Community participation will be THE MOST part of this social experiment, so please do weigh in. I WANT TO HEAR your thoughts, even if you don’t agree with me.

Here is the new PUBLIC BLOG ADRESS at #TMWF – you say what you want. Just stay on topic please and follow the site rules for our ONE STRIKE/NO ABUSE Policy, clearly posted on the site:

Here is the Intro Page with instructions – it works just like most text editors (MS Word and Mac products):  http://www.tmwfoundation.org/the_pen_is_mightier_than_the_scalpel

YOU have a voice; use it!

YOU have a voice; use it!

 And here my dears is our FIRST community TOPIC for OPEN DISCUSSION (You must be logged in but all that is necessary is a first name or pseudo and an email address):

Please post your thoughts! I’ve posted a few links to get ya thinking!

This is the community that you are building. If you want to change healthcare in this country, it’s got to start with YOU and what YOU WANT. You will be the ones who force change, if you want to participate in significant and helpful ways!


Love to all,


Tell us something we don't know! :)

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