So. . . what did YOU do differently THIS HALLOWEEN. I drew, yup, that’s it. I just drew

Life is so different these days due to my mother’s personal tragedy, and subsequently, our family’s personal tragedy. All my “norms” are “new norms” now, with a lot of new people. I was SO EXCITED to dress up for Dia de Los Muertos this year as “La Catrina.” To some, this iconic figure is a pagan god or just a weird skeleton, but to this beautiful Mexican culture, the significance of the reverent, yet joyful figure and day with its artistic endeavors, celebrates en masse, the life of memorable loved ones.

Stories are told, as if around a campfire, and traditions are fulfilled, not dutifully, but with exuberance for those loved and lost. It’s an annual and national time for grieving loss, with and around others. It’s year-by-year, another inch of healing/understanding and learning more about a loved one in death, than maybe you even knew in life. Americans often don’t understand or respect the nature of this celebratory grief. The traditional day is safe time to grieve in perpetuity; still getting on with life, but knowing there will be a day celebrated by ALL the grieving every year, for continued healing and more funny post-humous stories. That’s pretty special.

La Catrina is the female icon for this celebration, so I bought almost everything for the dressing up . . . and then. . . . I dislocated my ankle ONE DAY BEFORE and couldn’t dress up.

So, I did what I asked YOU ALL to DO: Make a new tradition. Make something bad into something good.

“If I can’t be with my family on Halloween, I’ll do something else to soothe the soul; I’ll dress as La Catrina!”

And then,

“If I can’t wear La Catrina; I’ll do something else to celebrate. I’ll draw her, I said!”

My "La Catrina," the way I would have dressed. She'll be here next year. :)

My “La Catrina,” the way I would have dressed. She’ll be here next year. 🙂

So – I did. Here she is.

She’ll be waiting for me next year.

After all, she never dies. . . . duh.

WHAT DID YOU DO FOR HALLOWEEN that was new this year?

Tell us something we don't know! :)

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