#TMWF’s NEW “Yes M.A.M. Market!” just in time for gift giving!

Hello Warriors;

We at #TMWF are so excited to launch our e-store TODAY, December 1, 2014! Here is the link to our NEW “Yes M.A.M. Market!” e-store! Wow, a store just for YOU!


Give the gift of HOPE, HELP and progress towards HEALING. Visit tmwfoundation.org and our new "Yes M.A.M. Market!" estore.

Give the gift of HOPE, HELP and progress towards HEALING. Visit tmwfoundation.org and our new “Yes M.A.M. Market!” estore.

The store is also accessible via the foundation’s website: www.tmwfoundation.org. Just click on “Yes M.A.M. Market!”

100% of the proceeds from each of the #TMWF Awareness items go right back into The Foundation so that we can continue to layer in more programs and more of our MISSION | VISION | and VALUES as the foundation grows. As we grow in funding, we are able to grow in the services we’re able to provide for the mesh injured and their families!

The “Yes M.A.M. Market” will be part of what helps us fulfill our monthly financial obligations, so that we are not solely reliant on donations and the continued support of sponsorships and fundraisers. We will still need traditional fundraising efforts, but the e-store will help raise awareness and keep us solvent.

Peace on Earth; Goodwill Towards Men

Peace on Earth; Goodwill Towards Men

You will see more items added to the store as we are able to buy more inventory. In the meantime, please check out what we’ve created with our mesh-injured loved ones in mind! We’ve thought about everything from very creative and stylish “#TMWF Awareness bracelets” to “Hospital Helpers,” a line of cross body bags for injured patients going into surgery.

We welcome your suggestions, product ideas, and feedback on the products you buy

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanakkuh!

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanakkuh!

for yourself and/or others. It’s our hope that the holiday season will deplete our current inventory, so that going into 2015, we have a great springboard to delve more into the help we’d like to provide and the programs we have planned to launch next year!

We continue to EDUCATE | ADVOCATE | and BUILD COMMUNITY as the core of who we are as an organization, and the pillars of our Mission Statement. Thank you for being part of our community, and part of the solution to create a customer-centric healthcare system. After all, we are the consumers who pay in ways we should, and in PREVENTABLE WAYS – ways that we certainly never should have – MEDICAL HARM that we paid for with our dollars and with our lives, and that we continue to pay for after we’ve been egregiously harmed by a healthcare system we believed was trustworthy.

At #TMWF, we believe the more we HELP, the more we HOPE and the more we advance towards HEALING as a “Family of Chance.”

Much love to you and your family this holiday season, and as your friends consider where they might spend their charitable dollars this giving season, please ask them to consider helping the ONLY NON-PROFIT that exists solely to help you, the mesh-injured patients and your families.

Thank you for being a part of our growing community!

Your humble servant warrior,

Aaron Horton/The Mesh Warrior

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  1. I’m returning a a sm. bracelet. I forgot to add instructions in the box, it was mailed today. From Tambrea Holden 791 Baum Hill Rd. Chillicothe, OH 45601 Please exchange for a med. Thank You, Tambrea Holden

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