An unlikely find; an unlikely source. . . .

Hello Brave Ones;

Carrick Brain Center, outside Dallas

Carrick Brain Center, outside Dallas

The unlikely find is The Carrick Brain Center outside Dallas. Maybe this clinic could evaluate the symptoms many of you describe as “Mesh Fog” or “Mesh Brain Fog.” I have, myself, been witness to the drastic change and improvement in cognition pre-mesh explant vs. post-mesh explant in a Mesh Angel I know well. It was night and day. Words that would not come to her quickly for years began to roll off her tongue as if nothing had injured her brain TWO DAYS AFTER EXPLANT.

I wonder if this clinic might take on a few of you who are mesh injured, pro bono, as they seem like very curious and innovative doctors. That’s what our community desperately needs. Curious, innovative, caring physicians who are not content to send our mothers and grandmothers, aunts and uncles to pain management and move on. As a Texan, it kinda doesn’t surprise me that these so-called, “Medical Cowboys” hail from my home state, where generally; if we don’t like what we’re getting, we do it ourselves and create something from nothing for ourselves and our community.

Glenn Beck, image taken from

Glenn Beck, image taken from

The unlikely source is media personality, Glenn Beck and his decade long search tofind out what was physically wrong, as he was experiencing many unrelated, rare and series physical symptoms. The doctors at the Carrick Brain Centers in Dallas persevered in finding that he had an autoimmune disorder called Addison’s disease.

Read his story in People Magazine here:

Love you all enough to think WAY outside the box!

Helping and hoping for HEALING, in whatever package it comes!


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  1. perhaps we should explain to them how many people there are in these groups so they realize that they can do a large scale study. Usually larges studies are necessary to rule out anomalies. Great find. I know that my verbal skills decreased significantly when the nerve problems sprang up. Not good for a journalist to forget simple words. Lol. Let them know that we will help distribute and recall a survey, but would like their assistance in asking the right questions.

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  2. Maybe you, as an advocate for the Mesh injured could contact this clinic and enquire if they would be interested in doing a few pro-bono studies? Most of us are experiencing this brain fog and could use your efforts to help us. Are there any funds in the Foundation that could be used to help at least one mesh injured woman?

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    • You betcha! I’ll be making a few phone calls soon to see what we can accomplish. I believe this is an amazing connection. Oh, and THANK YOU for reading AND COMMENTING! It encourages others to get engaged also. Again, thank you for being part of our community and participating!


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