Alligator Skin & a Lion’s Heart

If you can give at least $5 to the remaining members of Mrs. Joan Budke’s family, #TMWF would sure appreciate it! We are collecting just enough to send our #TMWF Mesh Awareness to the family so they feel the support, care and love from our community. This is where the rubber meets the road, so to speak. The family picture here lost their mother, life-long companion, grandmother and friend. We MUST make the statement now, while the world watches this trial unfold about Mrs. Budke’s demise. #WeWillNotComply with business as usual in this very, very dangerous, even deadly American healthcare system. #WeWillNotComply!

The Mesh Warrior ℠

I have often heard this phrase, and it’s something I have tried to grasp, tried to earn, tried to reach out to comprehend and obtain for myself. But then I learned something irreplaceable.

Lion_Heart_by_SchwartzkopfYou can’t earn Alligator Skin, and you can earn a Lion’s Heart.

They are both gifts, given, very personally and specifically to you alone, but you have to choose to accept or refuse these gifts. They don’t seem like gifts when you have survived the most difficult trials of your life thus far. But I learned something after I realized and accepted these two seemingly odd gifts. (They came wrapped separately!) 🙂

Accepting them means, for me, that the God of this vast Universe has decided to entrust me with more responsibility. This is what I have personally learned as truth for me. Each of us has an achilles heel, myself included. I am now grateful for mine, because it gives me something…

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