David Budke’s story is my story too. . . and the story of many Hundreds of Thousands more sons & daughters

But my mother is still living, if you can call it living, with such profound and life-altering complications and constant severe pain. Still- I know that I can see her tomorrow, if not in the fullness of her spirit, in some traceable way that makes my heart feel its home. In reading David Budke’s story as he offers his testimony that of a family member of the deceased, as close as two people can be really, sharing the same body for 40 weeks and, in this case, sharing life together for 51 years. The last year of David’s relationship with his mother was spent watching her die, slowly, of an entirely preventable cause.

David Budke back left), 51-year-old son of the deceased Joan Budke (front left) in a family picture.

David Budke back left), 51-year-old son of the deceased Joan Budke (front left) in a family picture.

This preventable medical harm we were all told was (and still is) “the gold standard in American medical innovation” is an unprecedented maiming and massacre of our country’s own people, by our country’s legalized drug and drug paraphernalia cartel. If you remember ANYTHING from David’s testimony, it’s my hope you’ll understand this: PP Mesh Implant Injury is a GENERATIONAL, FAMILY INJURY. IT TAKES THE MOTHER AWAY AS THE EPICENTER AROUND WHOM EACH ONE OF US IN THE FAMILY UNIT REVOLVES.

This injury is like stealing the SUN from our SOLAR SYSTEM.

The manufacturers of mesh and the implanting physicians aren’t harming just implanted women in unthinkably and inhumane ways, the manufacturers named in the 100,000 and counting cases are forever damaging the destinies of children, young and grown; grandchildren; sisters; brothers; aunts; uncles; husbands, and I could go on for pages. These manufacturers: Johnson & Johnson, Boston Scientific, AMS, Caldera, Coloplast, Bard, Cook, Endo, Tyco – they are destroying the roots of our families, a generation of American families. This harm will have quantifiable and simply immeasurable, ruinous consequences for years and generations to come.

God bless the Budkes and David Budke, especially, for I’m sure he never thought he’d be giving his lovely mother’s eulogy from the box of a witness stand.



IN JOAN BUDKE (deceased) vs. JnJ/Gynecare/Ethicon and its Prolift Product. 

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  1. “It was once said that the moral test of government is how that government treats those who are in the dawn of life, the children; those who are in the twilight of life, the elderly; and those who are in the shadows of life, the sick, the needy and the handicapped.”

    • Hubert H. Humphrey


  2. I 100% agree! Grown men/women who live in the DARK yet are afraid of the LIGHT should be front and center, spotlight and all! And please, please do not feel guilty. SHINE A LIGHT IN THE DARK PLACES, AND I WILL TOO. It’s important for family members not to feel guilty as well. This is a ruthless injury on our matriarchs but it’s pretty ruthless on those of us who love them too. This PREVENTABLE harm will ripple well into the future. The arrogance of the manufacturers to rush this product to market clouded them from seeing that part of their willful malfeasance.


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