Izzy’s Somewhere Over the Rainbow Remix – FREE DOWNLOAD!

This definitely put a spring in my step this morning! I love music as a healing toy, so I share lots of it using SoundCloud. If you want to see all my playlists, just create an account. Otherwise, enjoy this gem I found!

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    • Yes, in my experience, many people have difficulty obtaining their medical records, and sometimes it’s even costly! My personal habit is to go straight to the “Medical Records” office for the hospital where your doctor practices. In my experience, they seem to be more formal and accustomed to giving complete documentation. I also treat it like a take out order. Check the bag for everything you ordered before you leave the building! Good luck!


  1. Well,they did not do the surgery that I so desperately need,I flew back to Texas,I have to fly back on 2-24-2015 for another test and 2 dr appointments.hopefully they will see that I need this surgery now.


  2. I am in Las Andelas California staying in the Clarimont Hotel, I have a 11:00 am apt at UCLA to see Dr Kim & Dr Raz. The Gynacare Prolift Bladder Sling that was installed in 2007 by Medical Center of Plano ,by(Dr Anthony Macaluso), is Enbeded inside my colon causing me so much pain and sickness ,bleeding from vagina & rectome, I’m so ready for this nightmare to end, please pray that they will put me in the hospital and remove this SOB tomorrow. …


      • correction; Bladder Sling implanted at Medical center of Plano at the same time I had the colon & Rectol Prolapse repair.It was a Team Of doctors assisting Dr Macaluso. Im still researching the name of the Urologist who actually did the Bladder Sling Implant. My Medical records & Reports have vanished.Everything concerning the Gynacare Prolift kit,the Transvaginal mesh,the cystecele repair records and everything done by a urologist there.Do Not exist.)


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