Spiritual Significance of the Peacock

To this day, friends, “The Spiritual Significance of the Peacock” is the most -read story on this blog! You would think it would be a story about a court ruling, or news about a new doctor, or some of our community’s mesh angel wisdom, but no. It’s this funny little happenstance story – one that came to me and playfully asked to be written.

The Mesh Warrior ℠

Hi Angels & Warriors;

A beautiful creation with so many eyes to see . . . A beautiful creation with so many eyes to see . . .

Yesterday, I was busy writing away in my writer’s uniform (also known as pajamas) when my neighbor knocked on the door.  I suppose it was around 3 p.m.  His name is John, and he is the sweetest neighbor.  We love him to bits.  He brings us garden goodies often.  This week, he already brought over new potatoes, butternut squash and a ghost pepper for Lee! The ghost pepper is said to be the hottest pepper in the world, and Lee loves to act a peacock, trying to be all manly and display his feathers for me to see how easily he can “take the heat” so to speak.

Well, this time John’s visit was not to bring farm-fresh goodies. He had his beautiful granddaughter on top of his shoulders, and when I opened my…

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