WeGo Health Activist Challenge – Tomorrow!

Hello My Friends!

I’ve been very fortunate and humbled to team up with some of the most passionate and influential patient advocates and health activists over the last couple months. In the eternal words of Tom Cruise in the movie, Jerry McGuire, regarding my relationships with these folks, “HELP ME, HELP YOU!”

wego_healthSo, it’s with excitement and a little trepidation that I’ve committed to taking the WeGo Health Writer’s Challenge to write 30 blogs in 30 days – and it starts tomorrow! WeGo Health is an amazing online community that supports leading voices in healthcare. Patients need advocates, and even patient advocates need advocates!

Sometimes I am brimming with new information learned, things I want to share with you right away, and other times life circumstances, the reality of having a gravely ill mother, and burnout set in, and I find myself with little to offer anyone. I hope you’ll support me and comment and share information from the blog over the next 30 days. My goal is to be helpful, informative and entertaining, because let’s face it, many of us live the health crises I write about, and a little humor and fun can go a long way for our spirits.

Please support me in this undertaking by reading, sharing and commenting! You will get an email a day if you are signed up to receive updates via email, so that’s why you’ll see my name in your inbox more often in the weeks to come.

You are all very special to me! Here’s to healthy writing and reading!



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