Pascal’s Wager – Have you considered it?

Most days, by 10 a.m. I have already asked myself one of two questions:

1) “How am I going to deal with this?”


2) “Who can help us now?”

This is how I feel by 10 a.m.  Art Credit: Allie Brosch

This is how I feel by 10 a.m.
Art Credit: Allie Brosch

Recently, it’s become clear to me that the small voice in my heart answers the same way each day, “I am the only one who can help you. I am helping you. Trust me. There is no one else.”

I know this inner voice well. It is the voice of my God, the God of the Bible, with whom I have walked for 27 years now. It’s not always been a straight and narrow walk, but over the years, He has shaped me into more of the woman he created me to be. Growing in faith is often painful and humbling. Contrary to popular belief, walking in Christian faith is difficult. It was difficult in Biblical times, and it’s difficult now, but God told us it would be. Sacrificing temporal comforts for eternal peace isn’t as easy as this sentence makes it seem.

Blaise Pascal

Blaise Pascal

I have written about Pascal’s Wager on other occasions. It could be called a logical path to what many feel is an illogical faith in the unseen. Pascal’s Wager is a theorem, proposed by 17th century French philosopher, mathematician, and physicist, Blaise Pascal.

For today’s WeGoHealth blog, it’s “writer’s choice.” So my choice is to tell you about the healing love of a supernatural God who pursues us in order to love us, comfort and help us in our time of need and teach us truth. History favors the truth of the life of Jesus Christ and the God of the Israelites, so digging into questions about God and the Bible is the best way to be surprised at how real and relevant the God of the Heavens really is.

I’d like to introduce you, reconnect you or comfort you with the truth of this God through another writer’s interesting take on this well-known apologetic philosophy, Pascal’s Wager.

After all, for the sick, the injured and the healthy, healing is never simply physical in nature. It’s also mental, emotional and spiritual. God says our bodies will break down, betray us, age, and eventually dust will return to dust, but our spirits are everlasting. He has gifted me with a faith that believes this to my core. I hope considering this philosophy engenders curiosity and a greater understanding of the proposition of believing in God and believing God.

Investment Advisor and Author, Jared Dillian

Investment Advisor and Author, Jared Dillian

 Enjoy author and investment advisor, Jared Dillian’s take on Pascal’s Wager:


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