It’s that time again #Election2014!

This post is mostly NOT about politics or elections; rather it’s about how to “vote with your dollar” every day. When I originally posted it; midterm elections were nearing. For some reason, it’s on my heart to post it again today. I hope you enjoy it and that it stirs questions in your heart.

The Mesh Warrior ℠

Having a close family member with a chronic illness and injury is a life event that has shattered every paradigm I once had about the way the world works. I’ve lost faith and trust in every single manmade institution.

birds_meshShattered paradigms sometimes free us.

Truly, I have. I don’t trust anyone these days.

Still, I vote, because even though I don’t believe my paper vote matters much, if at all, I do believe it can’t hurt, so I continue to vote in local, state and national elections.

I also vote with my dollar, as I believe it’s a more effective and powerful way to change the way the world works.

I try my best to spend money with companies I KNOW to be TRUSTWORTHY, and I try my best not to spend money with companies that I know to be UNTRUSTWORTHY, and yes knowing the difference does require me to educate myself. But this is the complex world we live in…

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4 responses

  1. As my husband would say, you attack those who try to help. Not being a blogger, I was not aware I posted publicly, far from a pardoned excuse, anger at Aaron. I owe her a very sincere apology. Pretty insignificant because the damage of hurt feelings, was done. To publicly demean anyone let alone someone whose mother is suffering so much.
    I don’t know who I am any more, but I was once a nurturer; helper of mankind; especially the underdog.
    Aaron, you, nor anyone, except the doctors who have chosen to ignore me for almost five years, did not deserve my wrath and, as late as it is, I am sorry. I insulted you unjustly and that was not how I was raised.
    I wish you success I. Helping others and I hope, through your efforts, somebody will be spared.
    Chronic pain, untreated, has driven me over the edge, at times like this morning. Something always reigns me in or I would give up the battle.
    Hopefully you will not let the words of someone so inconsequential burn too deep.

    With deep regret,


    • Sandra, I absolutely accept your apology, and I know first hand that pain can drive one to dark places from which relenting chronic pain grows to levels that are untenable for any human being, and it spills out onto others. I DO NOT, however, consider you to be inconsequential in any way. That is why I fight for you and others. I try to amplify our community’s message so that others will hear. You are a mother and grandmother. I would argue that you hold the most consequential position in our society. As I’ve said many times, our matriarchs are the SUN in our family’s SOLAR system. Our fathers and grandfathers are the like the discipline of GRAVITY in our lives, and they are being taken from us too. As a result, our universe is dwelling in the dark, and our family members are untethered. It is the most heinous act of “scientific management” and a most dark time in human history. I am so very sorry for your suffering. I wish there were something I could do to take the pain away, or give you access to the person you once were, but this is far above any human capability. I am sickened by sorrow every day, for my own family, and for you. Thank you for your apology. I wish I could be of more service to you. I will pray for your healing and for a deep knowing that YOU MATTER, to me, to your family and to many others who are suffering as you are. Blessings dearest Sandra. I’m so sorry for all that has been done to you.


  2. I would much rather hear news & results others are experiencing with our MESH nightmare. Please do not send me any grandchildren photos / political views/ etc. This is the reason I am not on Facebook. I am I’ll with the MESH situation. I need that info only. Please & thank you. Leslie


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