Linda Batiste Memorial Service – 11:00 a.m TODAY

Ms. Batiste in happier times.

Ms. Batiste in happier times.

Many of you may want to pray or follow along with Ms. Batiste’s services. Here is the memorial service program, so you can remember and honor her in your own way.

As I remember this wonderful woman, my images of her are of a woman with an unshakeable faith who showed amazing strength during what so many of you know to be an arduous journey with mesh, a journey filled with pain, disability and so much loss in so many ways. But these losses are common to us all, and mesh injured women and their families are a sort of “family of chance” in this way, bound together by the hard road we all walk.

As we grieve our “family member by chance,” I hope we remember her as a mother; a grandmother; a great-grandmother; as a wise teacher and a nurse in service of others. For our community, she is a pioneer who paved the way for us all. She faced her oppressors, on behalf of so many of us, with dignity, strength, grace, and faith. To her family, she was the Sun in their Solar System. She was the family matriarch. She was Grandmother.

May you rest in peace, Linda. You were one of a kind.

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  1. I went for my annual checkup Thursday. I was told a year ago by my OB-GYN that the time had come to seriously consider mesh as the answer to my prolapse. As I sat in the parking lot, dreading the ride in the elevator up to see the doctor, I was checking my emails and saw the notice you sent the day before regarding Linda Batiste. What a sweet face; and I’m sure a sweet person. I’m so sorry. This email gave me the courage to tell the doctor no when she asked if I was ready to “get this over with.”

    I don’t know if you realize the impact you have on troubled, prolapsed lives. Thank you (again), Aaron, our beloved Mesh Warrior. You are our eyes, ears and voices as we wait for a safe alternative.


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    • Thank you Nancy! I live for messages like yours. You are proof that when we speak up, we meet our mission of #NotOneMore injured by this horrible product. I am very concerned about your comment “as we wait for a safe alternative.” This is proof that doctors are not doing their jobs!!!! There are safe(er) alternatives that are organic and do not use Mesh: A pessary; the Burch Procedure; and the Fascialotta Sling. Did your doctor even mention these options as possibilities???


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