Read Chapter 2 and Chapter 3: Steven Brill’s “America’s Most Loved Lawbreaker”

Writer and Journalist, Mr. Steven Brill

Writer and Journalist, Mr. Steven Brill

Johnson and Johnson has been put under the powerful microscope of Mr. Steven Brill, an author, speaker and graduate of Yale College (English major) and Yale College of law. If you want to know how the mesh massacre happened, his 15-Chapter “DocuSerial” will give you a good blue print.

He is posting one chapter per day on the Huffington Post’s Highline. Be sure to read yesterday’s, Chapter 2, and also today’s Chapter 3. Audio is available for every chapter as well! Here are my thoughts on his introductory chapter: CHAPTER ONE: You say “Credo,” I say “Crudo!”

What do you think about Mr. Brill’s “DoucSerial?”

Chapter 3: Sales Over Science

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 9.00.00 AM

Chapter 2: Blowing Past The Label

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 10.09.03 AM

3 responses

  1. Oops! Barb – I forgot to address your other question. We have not had fundraisers under other people’s names, so I’m not sure what you’re talking about here. We raised money for Linda Batiste’s family, with the permission of her family, and that is well documented, if that’s what you mean. If you have some kind of information about what funds you believe we have raised in the name of someone, please share it here. I know our dollars and cents down to the penny, and I don’t have record of funds coming from the use of anyone’s name. Please post that information here if you do, as we would certainly need to be aware of this activity.



  2. Hi Barb!
    Here is more information about the foundation and our non-profit status. I hope it answers your questions. You will find there what we have done and are doing to support our mission to EDUCATE | ADVOCATE | and BUILD COMMUNITY for mesh-injured patients and their family members.

    We do not list the names of the people that the foundation has helped financially, as that is something we believe is their choice and their decision to share or not. Since the foundation and, I personally, helped you a great deal, maybe you could start by sharing how the foundation helped you. I’d be glad to share the dollars and cents of that, but you have asked me not to mention your name, etc. so I do not. Feel free to share here if you like. If you don’t remember the specifics, I am happy to post receipts and expenses related to helping you as an answer to your question about who and how the foundation helps injured women.

    Thanks for your compliment about our items for sale at the Yes M.A.M. Market! We understand that many mesh-injured people are in difficult financial situations, due to their injuries and all that follows. In this case, we hope that a family member or friend would have the perfect opportunity to buy a meaningful gift for their mesh-injured loved one. In keeping with our mission, we choose to use natural materials. For our bracelets, we use 100% stainless steel (no nickel or nickel alloys), glass and 100% leather. For our scarves, we use 100% wool, rather than a synthetic fabric or a blend including syntheic fabrics. Polyester, nylon, viscose, acetate, etc. are all plastic derivitives, and we thought long and hard about supporting our mission with items that do not include the very product that injured you and so many hundreds of thousands of others. Unfortunately, higher quality raw materials cost more, so we must price accordingly. We do have periodic sales, as in our Mother’s Day sale, when all bracelets were 20% off. Similarly, look forward to our Fall Sale on the scarves, coming up soon!

    Thanks for your comments and feedback.


  3. Your items for sale are beautiful, however they are much
    to expensive for the mesh injured person. Would you consider
    lowering your prices so the ones that want them can buy them?
    Also, could you please put a list up on your site of the women
    that you’ve helped monetarily. I think it would keep you accountable and
    in the eyes of many who have wondered where your funds have gone and
    wondered who your organization has helped? I’m sure there’s many women but there’s
    no prove, no ones come forward with their story. I’m sure you understand being the smart lady you are and I’m sure you appreciate someone pointing this out to you. With all the fund raisers you’ve been able to have under other peoples names I’m sure your secretary of funds should give us a quick count. Thank you for your time. I for one look forward to an update. From a mesh injuried person to the daughter of a mesh injured mesh one. Praying for your mom.
    Continued blessing~


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