A Doctor A Day Keeps This Study Away/Oz Harmanli, MD & Pam Behrens, NP of Baystate Health System/Springfield, MA

Hello Warriors,

Dr. Oz Harmanli, actively recruiting NEW patients for implant with Coloplast's Restorelle.

Dr. Oz Harmanli, actively recruiting NEW patients for implant with Coloplast’s Restorelle.

Among the 45 or so physician/practices and hospitals participating in a prospective cohort study to test mesh against native tissue repair is Dr. Oz Harmanli.

I have to admit, he looks like a nice guy. Maybe that means he’ll listen when we call to tell him how dangerous we believe this study is:

Restorelle® Mesh Versus Native Tissue Repair for Prolapse

Baystate Health System
Springfield, Massachusetts, United States, 01199
Contact: Pam Behrens, NP    413-794-7045    pamela.behrens@baystatehealth.org
Principal Investigator: Oz Harmanli, MD, FACOG

For ideas/suggestions for making your call, please see my previous posts:

Dr. Arturo Menchaca/Paris Community Hospital in Illionois

Dr. Sherry Thomas/Agoura Hills, CA

Dr. Babak Vakili and Jennifer Mann, RN BSN of Rosemark Women Care Specialists in Idaho

And I found this quote by Nikola Tesla to be very inspiring. Tesla is known for being a scientist at heart, a scientist for science’s sake. I am inspired by his words because they summon a time when man’s pursuit of science was much less adulterated by a motive to profit, a time when science and humanity served in concert to produce a better quality of life for all. Also regarded as a futurist, even in 1905, Tesla knew that through “the strife of commercial existence . . . what is ridiculed, condemned, combatted, suppressed,” will emerge triumphant.

My hope is that his words will prove true, and that by science in service of humanity, “so [will] we get our light.”

Mesh Squamous Cell Carcinoma: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23604537

Thank you scientists and authors: Birolini C, Minossi JG, Lima CF, Utiyama EM, Rasslan S.

Long-term effects from the degradation of polypropylene in vivo: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/jbm.b.33502/abstract

Thank you scientists and authors: Vladimir V. Iakovlev, Scott A. Guelcherand Robert Bendavid

Tesla, aged 34 Born: 10 July 1856 Smiljan, Austrian Empire (modern-day Croatia) Died: 7 January 1943 (aged 86) New York City, New York

Tesla, aged 34
Born: 10 July 1856
Smiljan, Austrian Empire (modern-day Croatia)
Died: 7 January 1943 (aged 86)
New York City, New York

“It is not a dream, it is a simple feat of scientific electrical engineering, only expensive – blind, faint-hearted, doubting world! […] Humanity is not yet sufficiently advanced to be willingly led by the discoverer’s keen searching sense. But who knows? Perhaps it is better in this present world of ours that a revolutionary idea or invention instead of being helped and patted, be hampered and ill-treated in its adolescence – by want of means, by selfish interest, pedantry, stupidity and ignorance; that it be attacked and stifled; that it pass through bitter trials and tribulations, through the strife of commercial existence. So do we get our light. So all that was great in the past was ridiculed, condemned, combatted, suppressed – only to emerge all the more powerfully, all the more triumphantly from the struggle.” – Nikola Tesla “The Transmission of Electrical Energy Without Wires as a Means for Furthering Peace,” Electrical World and Engineer, January 7, 1905″

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